A Relaxing Sea Baby Shower

There's nothing more refreshing or relaxing as a day spent by the sea. And what better theme of baby shower to give a mommy-to-be that's been rather harassed or has had a difficult pregnancy than a sea baby shower?

There are myriad invitations available for a sea baby shower. You could choose one that has a picture of the seashore or one that shows a seaside celebration. If you don't find an invitation card that you like, you can easily download a free image over the internet and use that as the cover for your card. A way to add a fun atmosphere to your baby shower is to ask your guests to come in beach attire.

There are several color schemes you can use for the sea baby shower. You can choose primary colors like red, green, blue, and yellow or calypso colors like lemon yellow, turquoise, hot pink, and sea blue for a cheerful feel. If you want something more soothing, blues, greens, and silvers are the colorways to go for. If you've chosen the soothing sea baby shower, wash the walls of the party area with blue and green by simply changing the colors of your light bulbs. Set palm trees in the corners of your room and hang miniature paper lanterns on them. Add a small waterfall to bring in the sound of trickling water or borrow a wave machine.

Cover the tables with cloths in a light blue and create a centerpiece using a wide glass container filled with white sand accented with shells, corals, and colored glass pebbles in watery colors. Add some clear glass balls to represent bubbles if you can find them. Set a few aqua votive candles in glass-green votive containers around the centerpiece scatter more glass pebbles to catch the light.

Follow the same color scheme with the buffet table. Use clear glass blocks to set the platters of food at different heights and use water-colored platters or clear glass platters to serve the food. Scatter more glass pebbles around the food platters. Create a centerpiece using a high, clear, glass vase and fill it partly with more of the glass pebbles. Anchor a few white orchids or chrysanthemums in the pebbles and fill the vase with water, submerging the flowers. Tint the water lightly with food coloring to a light aqua green and elevate it so the submerged flowers can be seen clearly.

Serve typical beach picnic food. Cold fried chicken, pasta salad, a platter of steamed shellfish, and a choice of ham or egg salad sandwiches would make a great menu. For dessert, brownies a la mode or chocolate chip bars are terrific complements.

The cake can be any flavor the mommy-to-be wants. Have the décor of the cake in a beach theme, covered in shells, fish, and corals. Set the cake near the centerpiece to complement it nicely.

For favors, make them relaxing as well. Some fizzing bath bombs in complementary colors can be packaged along with a salt scrub and perhaps an ocean-scented candle. Pack it all in a little basket, nestled in a blue-green hand towel.