Bath Time Bubbles Baby Shower!

Why not celebrate a bubbly mommy-to-be with baby shower bubbles? It's an unusual theme that would definitely suit a one of a kind mommy and also a great decoration or activity for the guests. It also goes well with many bath time favors.

Send a different kind of invitation. While you could definitely send out a bottle of bubble solution with the details of the party attached to it on a small card, why not save those for your favors and send out an actual bubble instead? Well, one with a bit of a difference. Cut out perfect circles from pearlized acetate and write your party details on that. Accent the highlights with a sparkly glitter pen and put it in the envelope complete with a shower of iridescent confetti.

Keep the party room as light and airy as possible. Change the light bulbs to blue and green to highlight the crystalline feel. Break out the sparkly white and clear Christmas balls and hang them from the ceiling at different heights to simulate bubbles. Bunches of clear and pearlized balloons should be used to decorate the corners. And, forgo the usual streamers for ones made of pearlized paper or ribbons. More earthly touches can be had by using lollipop topiaries all around the room and decorating them with white fairy lights. Be careful if you rent a bubble machine, though. The soap solution can make the floor very slippery.

Cover each table with white tablecloths. Use white plates and napkins as well to stick to the icy theme. As the centerpiece, fill a goldfish bowl with clear glass Christmas balls and surround that with clear glass pebbles and white votive candles set in clear glass holders.

Decorate the buffet table in the same way. Cover with a pure white tablecloth and use white platters for the food. Scatter clear glass pebbles around the platters to catch the light. As the centerpiece, create an arrangement using clear and pearlized round balloons to simulate bubbles. Set them in a new baby bathtub and elevate that at the back of the table.

Perhaps the food shouldn't be as airy as the décor! Serve something substantial here, but stick to the theme by using round food. Serve a starter of round cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella balls with basil leaves on bamboo skewers, fish and squid balls on skewers with an Asian chili dip, pasta with meatballs, and a mixed fruit salad with red and green grapes, watermelon, melon, and honeydew balls.

More decadent desserts could be a chocolate fondue with donut holes and whole grapes for dipping, cream puffs, and ice cream dots or balls. For beverages, make fizzy drinks with lots of bubbles, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. A spritzer made with fruit juice or mimosas made with sparkling wines are great choices for this menu.

A cake would be great here – why not make a plain round one in a bowl to give it a half-bubble shape, ice it smoothly, and then cover it with clear decorating gel to give it a shiny look?

Of course, the favors should reflect the theme as well. This is the time to hand out those bottles of bubble solution and give out a little goodie bag of round bath bombs for the adults and bubble gum balls for the kiddies. Label them clearly so the kids don't make a mistake! A nice touch is to package the favors in bubble wrap bags that they use to protect little valuables in the mail. For bath time bubbles, you can have things like rubber duck themed favors and also blowing bubbles with a thank you tag attached.