Star is Born Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Start the expecting family off on the right foot with a “Star is Born” baby shower! Mom will remember the positive thoughts and feeling of all her friends and family this day as they all wish her and her soon-to-be star all the best for the journey they're about to embark on.


Use star and moon cutouts for the invitations, and remember stars don't just have to be 5 points. You can use any star design for them, or mix them up and send a different style to everyone invited. You could also use the moon phases on the moon invitations. Also, you could word the invitations like VIP passes to your favorite concert. Imagine handing out exclusive backstage passes to the first engagement of the world's newest star!


The night sky can be a very beautiful thing, showing shades of black, purple, blue and pink. You can incorporate all of these into your A Star is Born theme. Alternating streamers of all the colors from a lunar centerpiece, strung with stars of different shapes and sizes would be great. Also, if you throw the event in the evening by the light of the stars and candles, you might be able to use glowing stars on the ceiling. As a daytime variation, you could paint those stars in different colors, or blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

Also, you could add to the rock-star qualities of the even with a red carpet to the entry, because everyone's being invited to a very special, exclusive event. If this is a surprise shower, you could have all the guests line up with their digital cameras like raving fans, and take pictures of mom and her star-to-be as they arrive and walk the red carpet.


If you know mom's favorite foods, make her feel like a star for the day by catering to her favorites. Today is about her and her baby, after all. Otherwise, focus either on dinner style foods or very special dishes for the “star is born” theme of your event.

The cake could be star shaped, or include star candles. As an added touch, decorate it like a concert flyer or movie promo poster: “Coming Soon: (Name of the baby, due date.) Special Engagement! One time only!” A lot of places do custom order cakes, you could talk to them for some ideas about how to pull this one off.


You could come up with variations of movie and music games focusing the trivia on mommy and her new baby, or you could just play those games as they are for fun.

Also, for star quality, you can set up a maternity run way show. Everyone gets to design maternity outfits and model them for mom, her favorite is the winner. You can break up into teams or everyone can work on their own.

As you can tell, there are a lot of different ways you can plan your “Star Is Born!” themed baby shower. The best advice anyone can give is always keep mom in mind, and be creative. Make sure the event is fun and memorable and the mom-to-be will remember this day for a long time to come!