Bun in the Oven Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful time in a family’s life. It brings about a whole new set of joys, pains, and responsibilities. Becoming a new parent is a wonderful experience but you can also expect lots of stress among other things. For this reason, planning your own baby shower can seem like a chore in itself for being pregnant at the same time. That's why someone else usually plans it for you. The baby shower is a small get together of women and the mother to be where games are played, and the mother to be receives gifts for the baby.

Usually a baby shower is based around a theme. This is the most hectic part of the whole baby shower planning. There are just so many different ideas and the host of the baby shower can feel a bit overwhelmed. The greatest priority in this time is the mother's happiness. Selecting a baby shower should depend on a few factors such as:

• What's the gender of the baby?
• How many is she having? Twins?

Although back in the olden days, a shower was only held for the first child but now it seems every child is getting a baby shower. A shower should show uniqueness and joy for the fact of another life being brought into this world. There are hundreds of themes out there or you can choose to choose one with a more personal touch. Asking the mother to be is also a great idea and may help you know what to choose. She'll love these invitations for her guests.

The theme “Bun in the Oven” is a cute them for instance. As party favors you can buy little ovens and inside the oven sits a little cinnamon bun candle that smells like a cinnamon bun. The bun has fake icing on it and the oven reads “Bun in the Oven.” There are many party favors that make this theme a surefire hit at the baby shower. Having party favors is what makes a baby shower neat and have uniqueness to them. These little stoves as well as other bun in the oven favors will make that shower have a unique approach.

A really cute bun in the oven baby shower game is sure to be the hit if the shower. You buy little dress candles each candle is personalized with the guests name. Each guest wears this little pink dress and when you are ready to see who the winner is, asks each guest to look inside their dress and whoever has the cinnamon bun is the winner. There can be as many winners as you wish and the winners receive a prize.

Another game is with cinnamon buns. Each guest received one on their way in the door. You can also place them at the table where each guest will be sitting. You can decide when you are ready to reveal the winner. Ask each guest to open their bun and whoever has the clay bun inside is the winner.

A bun in the oven baby shower is a great them to use and can be used for either a boy or girl.