Prince or Princess Baby Shower Theme

No matter what if the mommy-to-be is having a boy or a girl, the baby will definitely be a little prince or princess in her eyes. A medieval prince or princess baby shower theme is a very different and fun way to celebrate the occasion.

Print out your own invitations using an old-style font like Lucida Calligraphy or Old English Text on a sheet of parchment. Add a dragon or a coat-of-arms to the top of the invitation to give it a more medieval feel. If you have the time, paint over the first letter of the invitation with a gold pen. You could singe the edges lightly over a candle and then roll it up and tie it with a length of gold or purple ribbon.

If your guests are game for a bit of fun, ask them to come in their best interpretation of a medieval costume. The most original or most realistic costumes get prizes. Have a special prize for best-dressed couple if this is to be a couple’s shower party.

Decorate the room in royal purple, gold, and red. Simple banners hanging down on the walls would create such a dramatic change, as would a hula hoop hung from the center of the room with dangling crystals to look like a “chandelier.” This touch isn't needed if there already is a chandelier in the room, but it could be blinged up with a few strands of crystal beads.

A few painted cardboard “plaques” could hang on the walls, too. You could choose to paint coats-of-arms or maybe signs like “Ye Olde Dog & Duck.” Let your imagination go wild. If you could have a little pageboy announcing the guests as they come in, the scene would be perfectly set for this prince or princess baby shower themed party.

Drape the entrance to the room with red curtains to simulate a castle doorway. The top part of door could be finished with a golden, bejeweled cardboard crown. Have a sign to the side of the door saying “Ye Olde Entrance.”

Medieval gatherings were renowned for rich, heavy food but your prince or princess baby shower themed party doesn't have to be. You could serve little sweet and savory pies, oven-barbecued ribs, baked beans, big loaves of bread, custard puddings, and of course, a cake. Most of these could come from the frozen food section of your supermarket and the cake could be a simple one from home or an elaborate castle cake from your local baker. Wine (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and ale (read – beer) would make perfect beverages for this party.

For games, you could create a trivia game based on famous royalty. Play it like trivial pursuit. A fun game for the men attending would be the “Baby Bottle Race.” Put about two ounces of wine or beer in a baby bottle and see who can drink it down the fastest.

Perfect favors for the lords and ladies could be small canvas bags of gold and silver chocolate coins. This will be one baby shower no one will ever forget!