Little Monster Baby Shower

Who doesn't love little babies? And speaking of which, who doesn't enjoy cute and goofy little monsters? What a fun concept for your next baby shower!

There are several movies that can provide you with inspiration, like the classic monsters of Sesame Street and the Big Red Monster on Looney Tunes or the more modern versions which are Monsters, Inc. and Monsters Vs. Aliens. You can use these as a starting point and there are party kits for them available online. If the timing is right, the after-Halloween sale will give you really affordable monster décor and party supplies.

Send out the monster themed invitations with a little flourish of your own. Glue little googly eyes onto the monster illustrations and maybe include a tuft of colored fur inside. If your guests want to come in costume, so why not? Just remind them that it's a monster baby shower, not a horror one!

Decorate your party area in typical monster colors – green, blue, orange, red, and purple. Have balloons in these colors and stick cutouts of wild eyes on some. With the other balloons, use feather boas instead of string or ribbon. Collect all the monster plushies that you can to scatter around the room and add to the fun atmosphere.

Set the buffet table with a faux fur fabric on top of a plain colored cloth. There are monster-themed food containers that you can purchase but you can also make your own by using bright colored bowls and platters and sticking googly eyes onto them. If you're artistic, draw some monster faces on the front with pentel pens. The designs will come off later with a good rub of alcohol. Accent the platters with little monster figurines.

Throw plain colored cloths over each table and have a different centerpiece on each one, too. Use stuffed toys as the center and have them holding things like a baby bottle, rattles, pacifiers, or even just a bunch of flowers. Set them onto rounds of faux fur and you're done. Use simple plates for this if you haven't purchased a party set and tie each napkin with a ribbon in your chosen monster colors.

For the food, the more monstrous, the better! Snack on green popcorn (toss hot popcorn in green lime jell-o powder), blue corn chips, and cheddar cheese orange dip. For your meal, you can serve deviled eggs topped with a dollop of pesto, chicken or fish fingers with a roasted tomato dip, and a side of beet-colored pasta with colorful pepperonata on top. Frightfully delicious!

Instead of a cake, why not decorate store-bought or homemade cupcakes with colorful icing and different kinds of candy? This can even be a baby shower activity, complete with picture taking, a monstrous judging contest, and a prize for the winner – googly eye glasses!

For your monster baby shower favors, why not give out fun stuff in little furry bags? You can hand out monster eggs stuffed with chocolates, a mood ring (what better way to know when your inner monster is about to come out), and color-changing mood lip gloss.