The Bambi Baby Shower

The king of the forest was a baby once, too. And long before the Lion King came around, Bambi was already here to stay. Take a walk back in time and reminisce with the mommy-to-be by celebrating Bambi and his friends.

Download a graphic of Bambi and use that as the cover of your baby shower invitation. Or if you want to do something different, find a print of a deer hoof and use that as a more graphic symbol of the Forest King. Write the details of the baby shower inside and request the guests to bring organic gifts to the baby shower as a reminder to protect the forests.

In keeping with the organic nature of the Bambi baby shower, eschew the balloons and paper streamers for this baby shower. Instead, channel the forest glade and fill the party area with potted plants and plush toys hidden in the plants. Drop the fairy lights and instead use mood lighting of organic candles. If you're using ribbons for this, choose cloth ribbons or ones made of abaca instead of plastic.

At the entrance, set up a wishing tree made up of tree branches set in a large cylindrical vase. Cover the base of the tree with moss and scatter some flowers on the moss. Have a pack of handmade paper near the tree as well as several pens where the guests can write their wishes for the baby and the family. The wishes are hung on the tree when they're done.

Cover the tables with unironed and unbleached linen fabric. Set a potted plant as the centerpiece of each table and decorate with fresh flower heads tucked in among the leaves. Scatter more flowers on the table in lieu of confetti. Use real plates and cutlery here, and decorate the fabric napkins with ribbon bows.

Decorate the buffet table in the same way. Use the same kind of linen cloth as the tablecloth and white ceramic platters to serve the food. As a highlight, use a group of three topiaries in the middle of the table. Use ribbons to tie little baby things on it, like socks, mittens, pacifiers, and rattles. Scatter flower heads around the platters for decorations.

Have a light meal to celebrate here, and keep it as vegetarian as possible. Have a large salad made with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, and anything you can think of that is in season at the time. Serve a dressing of balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Have a large dish of ratatouille on hand plus a complementary dish of spinach quiche for those looking for their protein. Serve a selection of artisan breads with this. For drinks, set up a juice bar where guests can pour their own and also make up whatever concoctions they like.

A terrific cake for this is a simple angel food cake hollowed out and filled with berries mixed with cream. Frosted with more whipped cream and decorated with fresh berries and mint sprigs, this beautiful cake is delicious, simple, and easy to make.

For the favors, why not give a gift of handcrafted soap and a sugar scrub? These little luxuries help us to remember how precious the world is to us, just like it was for Bambi.