Hola! It's a Diego Baby Shower!

Why should girls have all the fun? It's not just Dora who is the Explorer, there's a boy out exploring the rainforest, too! Celebrate the little baby boy with a Diego baby shower!

Diego is just about as popular as his more famous cousin Dora, as he is someone the little boys can relate with more. You may be able to find some Diego invitations online, but you can also download his graphics over the internet and use them to make your own invitations to the baby shower. Include a little Spanish in the invitation so it sets the mood for the celebration.

Diego is of Latino descent, so set a little fiesta in the rainforest mood for the baby shower. Bring in as many plants as you can to have the rainforest in the party area. Borrow as many wild animal plush toys as you can and scatter them all over the party area, including in the plants themselves. Use jungle vines instead of streamers in the room and decorate using tissue paper flowers. And as the centerpiece to the whole room, hang a pinata filled with a lot of tiny baby things like pacifiers, teethers, tiny baby toiletries, some candies, and maybe some luxury stuff for the mommy to be like hand lotions and scented soaps.

Set each table in a jungle-themed cloth if you can. Otherwise, just use plain green. Have another plant in the middle of the table and set some tissue flowers at the base. You can use Diego tableware here or use various colors of plates and utensils in fiesta colors. Set a stuffed toy on each table to stand guard.

Cover the buffet table with a green cloth to echo the other tables and have more plants as centerpieces decorated with tissue flowers. If you can, put a jaguar stuffed toy in the plants to recall Diego's baby jaguar. Lay down very large leaves to use as place mats and use either wooden platters or earthenware to serve the food. Jungle vines can be twisted around the platters to add some interest.

Nothing would work for the Diego baby shower other than Mexican food. Why not set up a taco bar where all the guests make what they like? All you need to do is set out the crisp and soft tortillas, sauteed ground meat, refried beans, shredded lettuce, tomato slices, chopped onions, ground cheese, and chili sauce for them to pick and choose what they like. Choose fresh fruits for dessert and a classic flan as a counterpoint. Have aguas frescas (Mexican fruit juices) as your beverages of choice.

A cake should definitely be part of this meal! Why not choose a dark chocolate cake (since chocolates from South America) and cover it with a white chocolate frosting? Decorated with jungle animals, it's a perfect Diego cake!

To end the celebration, set the mommy-to-be loose from all her stress and let her take a whack at the pinata!

For the favors, why not hand out a can of Ibarra Mexican Chocolate and pair it with a recipe card for Mexican chocolate? This yummy drink will be sure to spark memories of this special day. Vamanos!