Hollywood Baby Shower

With the impending birth of the world’s newest star, why don’t you welcome them to the world with a Hollywood themed baby shower?

You could decorate for this baby shower just like an awards show. Roll a red carpet up to the entryway so they guests of honor arrive in style, and have the friends and family lined up along the carpet with cameras in hand, taking pictures of the star and his/her entourage as they walk the carpet.

Inside you can decorate with movie posters, Hollywood souvenirs and silver and gold starts. The centerpiece could be anything relating: a movie signboard cake, a makeshift “Oscar” modified for baby (think the traditional Oscar trophy, except more like a baby and wearing a diaper),

Once the entry has been made and the stars are situated and everyone is mingling, go around as a news team. One person should be holding a video camera and the other a microphone (real, or created to fit the theme) and interview the guests. The conversation should focus on baby and the new parents, with the guest giving advice or wishes for the future of the new family. The recording can be kept by mom for a long-lasting gift from the entire party.

As the night progresses and it’s time for food, everyone should sit down for the feature presentation. Tonight should be a relaxed atmosphere and during the food portion of the party, think movie theater. Serve appetizers and movie time snacks, and everyone should be seated and watching baby related movies. Look Who’s Talking, Mr. Nanny and Junior all make great movies to watch. For food, think easy finger foods: popcorn, pizza rolls as well as various other appetizers that aren’t too messy but still add to the party atmosphere are good.

Don’t forget the Awards Ceremony. Awards can be given for Outstanding Performance (longest labor), Achievement Award (most children), Alarm Clock Award (closest to their due date) and Biggest Baby Award for the mother with the largest child at birth. Mom, of course, should have an award. If she’s a first time mom, you could use a New Star Award or something like it.

Don’t forget the champagne! No awards show is complete without champagne for the toasts (and don’t forget to toast the new mom and dad). Don’t forget that alcohol is bad for mom-to-be in her current state, so make sure you have an alcohol free alternative for her, as well as any guests who don’t drink. You could use sparkling non-alcoholic wine or sparkling grape juice for this. If you want to pull off the champagne look, you could add a little bit of food coloring to sparkling white grape juice to get closer to the pink color.

At the end of the night (or day), have mom open her gifts. If you recorded the interviews at the beginning with media you can use right now such as a DVD or memory card, then you can have this gift playing while she opens her gifts, just don’t forget to make sure she gets her own copy.