Express Yourself! - Unusual Baby Shower Themes

Traditionally, baby shower themes have been limited to baby animals, the Stork, etc. In recent days though, Mothers-to-Be are allowing their personalities to dictate baby showers more and more. This trend celebrates not only the new life, but also the family and traditions of which the child will be a part. Here are some unusual, yet easy, themes for memorable baby showers.

Sports: The athletic arena is no longer a men-only field, so if the new mother is a sports nut, help her welcome her baby, boy or girl, to the game! The colors of the favorite team, pictures or stuffed animals resembling the mascot, and, of course, a cake decorated like the field will all give a sporty yet feminine atmosphere to the baby shower. If the mother has a favorite player, try to find an infant jersey with that player's number on the back.

Movies: For a mother who is a movie buff, incorporate her love of the cinema into the baby shower. Serve popcorn as snacks. Perhaps you could even make it a viewing party, playing her favorite films, or baby themed films!

Twilight: The Twilight books and movies are a huge hit currently. Revel in the fantasy by decorating in red, white and black, and by using imagery from the books' covers. Of course, plastic vampire fangs are a must, and the movie soundtrack would be great background music. Also, if you have finished reading the series, then you know how a baby fits with the Twilight theme!

Nature: Throwing a baby shower for a true Mother Nature is easy and fun. Try to throw the party outside, and use plants and fruits to decorate. If the mother-to-be likes to hike and camp, make a small bonfire and use tents for shade. Of course, camping-friendly baby supplies, such as a baby carrier backpack, should be included in the gifts.

Science Fiction: If the new parents are sci-fi aficionados, try throwing an Alien themed baby shower. Instead of the Stork bringing the bundle of joy, the baby could arrive via U.F.O. Alien stuffed animals and spaceship toys will entertain mother and baby alike. Decorating is a cinch with some funky lights and creepy music!

The Arts: For a mother-to-be who is an artist or musician, or just has a love for the arts, her baby shower should incorporate her passion. Beautiful music in the background and prints of famous paintings to hang on the walls are easy to find. The local bakery should be able to produce a cake in the shape of a treble clef or a paintbrush. The guests could participate in drawing games using markers and large paper pads. They could also attempt to recreate famous sculptures using diapers!

When throwing a baby shower, think about the guest of honor, what she enjoys and what she hopes her child will also enjoy. Go a little wild! Almost any idea can be adapted to fit a baby shower, and the mother will appreciate you taking her personality into consideration.