Everything You Need To Know About Peas in a Pod Baby Showers

Congratulations! You have made it through the morning sickness, cravings, and late night trips to the store for emergency rocky road ice cream. Now it is time to plan the baby shower that will be the highlight of 9 months of hard work. Out of the millions of themes one could suggest, Peas in a Pod is one of the cutest. From the color scheme to the party favors, I will be your guide to the Peas in a Pod theme.

A Peas in a Pod theme offers a refreshing green color scheme with a variety of different keepsake favors and memorabilia. Peas in a Pod offers party packs, name badges, and a plethora of other items to make your baby shower memorable and special. I am going to offer different options for making your party unique and self reflective.

The first item I would like to draw your attention to are party packs. Party packs are the most economical option for new moms to be. They offer several different packages with different inventory levels for you to customize your baby shower according to how many friends you have on your guest list. Party packs offer a variety of smaller items like napkins and decorations all in a tight little bundle and offer a way to supply your party without spending a bundle. New moms shouldn't have to worry about their wallet when they have much more pressing matters to attend to.

If you choose to have a smaller party with only a few friends and family, then buying individual items may be your smartest option. Some of these options include personalized candles, lip balms, bath beads, and decorations. When you give your guests useful favors such as these at your baby shower, you give them the pleasure of remembering your baby shower above all others. They could pull the lip balm out of their purse or wallet and say, "Gee, do you remember the baby shower Jen threw for Hollie? Wow that was fun and the theme was really cute. What a neat experience." It also gives you the opportunity to expand your baby's scrapbook by a few dozen pages.

OK, so you have done your homework and settled on the Peas in a Pod theme with all certainty. What is the next step? How does one find Peas in a Pod items? Well, it is as simple as using the search engines. There are millions of websites that offer this theme and tips for throwing the best Peas in a Pod shower. One suggestion is using three dimensional cake pans to make a pea shaped cake and there are recipes and game ideas for imaginations of all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is tailor all of the information down to what reflects you and your personality. You have done all the hard work of growing a baby? Why shouldn't planning your party be easy?