Adorable Footprint or Feet Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for a baby shower concept that is simply ABC, as in Adorable, Beautiful and Cute? The footprint or baby feet themed baby shower is the perfect idea for you. It is a great theme for moms-to-be who do not know yet if the baby is a boy or a girl, simple to do and very appropriate for the occasion.

Here are a few party suggestions to help you with the baby shower footprint brainchild:

Baby Footprint Logo
The baby’s little footprints make a cute logo design which you can stamp on invitation cards, decorations and other items you will use for the baby shower. There is a clever technique that you can do to make the baby footprint logo, especially if you can’t use real baby footprints. All you need is an assortment of pastel-colored acrylic paint, paper, and your hand.

To make the footprint sole, close your left hand to form a fist. Using the color that you like, paint the side of your hand where your pinky is. While the paint is still wet, stamp the printed side of the fist on the surface where you want to impress the party logo.

For the toe print dab your ring or pinky finger in the pad of paint and make five tiny dots on the top of the sole print. Repeat the whole process using your right hand to make a pair of footprints. Let the paint dry and it’s done.

Baby Shower Invitation Cards, Decorations and Favors or Prizes
Add a literal personal touch to your baby shower invitation cards by adding a “must-go” effect to the invites. Using the technique you have just learned, stamp a set of black footprints on a blank invitation card. Let the paint dry before writing the baby shower details on the card.

For the decorations, bring out the creative side in you. Use your imagination. The footprint logo is your chum thing for making the theme consistent all over. For example, you can paint the tablecloth with colourful footprint sets.
You can also paint footprints in different colors and sizes on a cardboard paper. Cut it out for making the guest’s name tags and place cards. You can also tie some of the footprint cut-outs with a string as a hanging décor. Instead of using cardboard, use a sticker paper to place logos on paper cups, loot bags or booties.

For additional effect, you can place small booties or baby shoes all over the place. You can play a trick for the guests by placing their names discreetly on the baby booties stuffed with candies, cookies or favor gifts. Then have them look for their loot bags before they go.

Food for the Baby Footprint- themed Shower
Most of your guests will probably be adults so prepare main courses that you usually have with any other party. But play around on the desserts and sweets to make the food preparation consistent with the footprint or feet theme.
You can have a regular-shaped cake with footprints on it or you can have it formed into a footprint, a pair of baby shoes or booties. Serve your guests with footprint and shoe-shaped cookies and gum candies, which you buy from candy speciality stores.

Now, that is more than one set of footprint idea for a foot-themed baby shower! You can find ways to get even more creative on these suggestions if you like. Just remember to take pictures or videos during the party for the coming baby to see when he or she is old enough.