A Baby Bottle Themed Baby Shower

This story was submitted by someone attending a baby shower where a baby bottle theme was used:

A close friend of mine from the university, Carol, called me up and told me that our flat mate Riza is giving birth next month and that she will be hosting her baby shower next week. The two are best friends and inseparable since those days. I haven’t seen them for a while, a good 6 years that is – and now Riza’s having a baby girl! Exciting! So, I said that I would be coming and Carol informed me that invitation is on the way and that the party will have a baby bottle theme.

It was a small, 3.5 ounce standard baby bottle – clear plastic bottle with yellow nipple holder and cap. Inside that tiny bottle were teeny-weenie hard candies in violet. It was really adorable this baby bottle theme idea. I was literally smiling while I held that little thing on my right hand. A piece of soft gold card was attached to the nozzle with a garterized gold string. The card wrote:
- Riza’s Name as the Mommy to be and Carol’s as the Hostess
- Location of the Party was at Carol’s Place in Aberdeen
- Date of the Party which was this Saturday, May 29
- There was an RSVP as well and Carol’s number
- A well-known baby shop was included; Riza was registered there
- We had to wear casual clothes but must be in the shades of white, yellow and violet/purple/lilac and the likes
- It was also explicitly stated: Baby Bottle Theme
- A little note was attached for me; Carol wanted me to bring old university photos.
- They also drew a map to Carol’s house

Day came and I wore my white silk Sunday dress with a big violet belt and bejeweled lilac sandals. I had my enormous gift wrapped in plain yellow gift paper with white and lavender mixed ribbons. What’s inside the gift? I bought a quite large baby clothes hamper. I thought that maybe no one would be buying her that and Riza won’t be able to think about having a hamper for her baby alone. So, that’s why I got her that clothing hamper basket. And oh yes, the hamper was purple.

Carol’s place was dainty. She had a nice garden, you know, the one you’d see featured in magazines. When I came, Carol herself welcomed me and gave me a seat in one of the three tables in her patio.

Her pathway was covered with big baby bottles that had confetti and small white balloons inside it. Covering the bottles were an average-sized yellow and purple balloons in alternate. The balloons had been marked: PARTY! By the looks of it, one would definitely see that this party has a baby bottle theme to it.

The round tables were fit for 5 persons. There were only three and 2 were filled so I was thinking, Carol invited at most 15 guests.

The table cloth had two layers. First was a white, thick fabric, the regular table cloth type. Then another was placed on top, it was dark violet square cloth with lace on the edges placed diagonally so as to see the sides of the white cloth underneath and flowed smoothly on the sides.

The centerpiece was fabulous. There was a small round yellow and gold placemat and on top were 2 baby bottles; 8 oz filled with jelly beans in white, yellow and violet, and another 8 oz with a rolled yellow towel and some lilac and white mini soap bars. There were also 5 baby bottle votive candles in white. This baby bottle theme is so cool!

Since it was almost 7, and the night was catching up; Carol slightly dimmed the lights in her patio and asked us to pick one (take home too!) and light the votive candles. The room suddenly became so relaxing and comforting.

Carol introduced herself as the hostess, had someone collect the gifts from the guests and was piled at a corner table. Then, she said a little something about Riza who came out and thanked everyone for coming. Carol then took over, had Riza sit down in front and she started the night with a game.

Since it was a baby bottle theme, then, she brought out a tray with 6 baby bottles in it and a dark looking liquid. It was sour grape juice. No sugar. The game was juice drinking from the baby bottle through the nipple and whoever had the three fastest time to finish up the whole drink – wins the game! The game has not started yet and we were all giggling and laughing like little girls. But for fun, I joined in. Too bad, I didn’t get in the top 3 because the prizes were so lovely! It was the 8 oz bottle on our table!

After that, it was eating time. There was a buffet table waiting for us with the same table cloth décor except that there were arch designs in gold cloth. Food consisted of chips and 3 dips, green salad, mini-pizza, chicken wings, meatballs and cucumber sandwich. Desserts served were cupcakes designed with edible cake topper (baby bottle, of course!) and jell-o but here’s the twist; the jell-o was placed in a potty chair! Hilarious!

Drinks were served ala-cocktail style but on baby bottles with straws and mini-umbrellas. While eating, Carol told us to guess the number of jelly beans inside the 8 oz bottle and whoever guesses it close to the real number, gets to take it home.

We all tried our luck and this time, I won! I have a sweet tooth, so winning the jelly beans was like heaven!

It was time for Riza to open her gifts and for us to give her a message. I told her my reasons why I bought the hamper. She hugged and said that she have never thought about it as well. I was so happy. She got some other unique gift items, baby gift baskets of all sorts. She seemed very elated.

To end the night, Carol got the cake and you guessed it right, it was shaped like a baby bottle. We all took turns, I grabbed a small slice. Carol asked me for our college photos – she said that she was going to make scrapbook for Riza. I just told her that she is such a wonderful friend, having thought of a baby bottle theme shower party. It was a great night for all of us. It made me feel like I wanted to have a baby shower party of my own.