Create a Baby Shower Buggy Theme and Cake

You may not be able to say “A big baby buggy with rubber buggy bumpers” three times quickly, but you'll definitely be able to enjoy a baby shower based on a buggy theme with a buggy cake!

This quintessential baby icon makes a wonderful theme for a baby shower. And if you ask the guests to stick to anything that relates to the baby buggy for gifts, you'll probably get a whole selection, from pram blankets to stroller toys, to maybe some guests chipping in to get a stroller for the coming baby.

Any color scheme would work here since this is a truly unisex theme. Black or gray make the most popular baby buggy colors, though, and pairing those with an aqua, fuchsia, or lemon yellow make up a really lively theme. Invitations with these as the theme are found all over the internet. You could also make your own quite easily using downloadable clipart from the internet.

Make your life easier by buying themed tableware like plates and napkins. Pair them with cutlery, balloons, streamers, and even flowers in coordinating colors. Right then and there, your party area comes to life.

Tables can be decorated with centerpieces made of toy baby buggies filled up with happy flowers like daisies and gerberas. Finish off the top with a large bow in a complementary color. If you fill up the toy with floral foam, it will keep the flowers in place much more easily.

Since most baby buggies look like eggs, why not base your food choices on an egg? Make unusual food containers with large eggshells. Using a small pair of scissors, cut out the top of a RAW egg. Rinse out the shells very well in water with a few drops of bleach. Let air dry. You can fill these with a sweet or savory custard mixture and steam them in the eggshell itself. Why not make luxe scrambled eggs with asparagus tips or sauteed mushrooms and spoon them back into the eggshells to serve? Topped with slivers of sharp cheese and an herb sprig, it will certainly be a conversation starter when served in a sweet egg-cup.

Cut out sandwiches using egg-shaped cookie cutters and use a melon baller to present different fruits such as melons, mangoes, papayas, even bananas. If you serve this in a watermelon cut in a baby buggy shape and hollowed out, that will definitely become a masterpiece!

An unusual baby buggy cake can be made from egg-shaped cake pans. Bake two and cut one in half. Affix it to the other egg pan that's been made to stand with the round end down. Use cupcakes for the wheels and decorate the cake with icing and sugar flowers. Use chocolate discs to make the centers of the wheels. You could further embellish the base of the cake with sugar flowers, leaves, and flooded green icing.

There are many things that could be given as favors, from candles decorated with baby buggies to picture frames in the shape of a baby buggy. A cute option is to give out a handmade paper thank-you card embedded with flower seeds cut in the shape of a baby buggy.