The Spectacular Bollywood Baby Shower

For those not in the know, Bollywood is to India what Hollywood is to America. The big difference is that it produces hundreds of movies every year, the majority of them in Hindi, and almost all of them musicals filled with dancing and spectacularly costumed actors and actresses. Why Bollywood? It's based in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), hence the Bombay Hollywood.

It's a spectacular theme for an outrageously luxurious baby shower, perfect for that mommy-to-be who is not one that likes the usual stuff. It calls for a sense of fun and the ability to wrap yourself in things both luxe and bejeweled, something not too difficult for the female!

Why not base the color scheme of the Bollywood baby shower in the bright and spectacular colors of India? Aside from the vibrant spice colors of saffron, paprika, and chili red, you can throw in a bright aquamarine, a brilliant lime green, and a luscious fuchsia pink. Anchored with silver and gold, it will make a spectacular celebration.

Look for Indian-inspired cards or postcards to use as invitations. You could jazz up a simple card with a paisley design by adding dots using glitter pens or by gluing on different colored rhinestones. Ask the guests to come in Indian costume like a sari if they dare, or in vibrantly hued clothes if they daren't. Ready some stick-on bindis for the guests to wear; the red ones are an auspicious sign, they signify a protection against bad luck and demons while enhancing energy and concentration.

Decorate the party area with anything silver, brass, and sparkly! Metallic-hued vases can hold brightly colored tropical flowers enhanced with beads threaded onto wires and fashioned into various shapes. Bangles can be used as napkin rings and jeweled wire earrings can decorate footed glasses.

Why not look for jeweled elephants, either ceramic, papier mache, or silk, to decorate the room with? Add a few potted palms at the corner to give the feel of “The Last Days of the Raj.” Finally, play Bollywood music to really set the mood. This can be the inspiration for an Indian-inspired dance contest if your guests are up to it.

Although Indian food has a reputation for being spicy, not all of it is hot to the tongue. There are quite a few dishes that you can choose from that are spice, rather than chili-laden. It's best to stick with what people are more familiar with, though, like Chicken Tikka Masala, Cucumber Raita (cucumbers in yogurt), and Kachumbar (mixed vegetable salad).

Indians love their sweets and it won't be complete without diamond shaped barfi candies in pastel tints and Gaajar Ka Halwa with a side dish of ice cream. For the beverages, prepare some spiced chai and lassi to counter all the spices that flavor the food.

Hand out pretty favors in small pouches made of sari cloth. Why not give away some incense sticks or cones in sandalwood or jasmine scents? It's a wonderful way to give your guests a bit of India to take home with them.