Red Wagon Baby Shower Theme

If you happen to know that the baby on the way is a boy, a red flyer wagon themed baby shower is a sure hit. The wagon is a part of every boy’s childhood. They use it to tote around their toys and their friends. They’ll cart dirt from their imaginary construction sites with it. That little red wagon will do everything from demolition, to construction, to transportation throughout his childhood. And once he’s grown up, he may even give it to his own children so they can do the same.

With the red flyer wagon being such an important part of growing up, it’s easy to find the decorations and accessories needed to make your red flyer wagon baby shower a success.


Starting in the obvious place, invitations for this even are easy to come by. You can either buy them in most party stores, or you can use wagon graphics found online to make your own. To make your own, find a suitable graphic in your own clipart gallery, or you can use any of the free clipart galleries on the internet. Once you’ve found your graphic make sure it’s sized correctly and is easy enough to cut out. Print as many as you need, so that the paper can be folded in half and cut to suit. Fold the paper so that the top or side edge is the end of the wagon and cut the shape out. Now you’ve got your own wagon invitations!


You can find the famous wagon on just about any kind of decoration you can think of. You can get the wagon printed on balloons, streamers and just about any wall graphic you would imagine. You’ll find images of boys playing with their wagons, images of the wagon itself, the list is almost endless. Don’t be afraid to throw in other things that boys play with: baseball gloves, basketballs, toy soldiers. Boys will play with just about anything they can get active with, and their red wagon will probably be used as everything from construction equipment while they build the base, to an APC for their soldier toys eventually.

When it’s time to open gifts, you can have the whole group of gifts wheeled in, inside the wagon (which should also be a gift). Alternatively, you can use the wagon itself as the centerpiece and pile the presents in and around it.


Think about boys favorite foods: usually it’s things like pizza, sandwiches; anything pretty fast that will get them back outside playing. When coming up with foods, think lunch time. They want to come in, eat, and get back to the wagon.

For dessert, there’s nothing better than an Oreo dirt cake. This is fun to make and to eat, especially if there are kids around. If you want to get really creative with this one, you could probably find a wagon the right size to put the cake in.