A Snoopy baby shower based on Peanuts

The Snoopy baby shower is based on that fond and lovable character from the Peanuts cartoons. Every Sunday and during the week days fans of the comic strip could sit down to their breakfast and check out the daily antics of Snoopy and the other neighborhood kids in peanuts. A Snoopy baby shower is an adorable way for animal lovers and peanuts fans to introduce guests to their new baby.

Snoopy is a dog in a comic series that ran from the 1950s all the way to the new millennium and didn't end until its creator Charles Schulz died on February 13, in the year 2000. His series focused on the life of Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy and their interactions with other children in his neighborhood. Snoopy originally started as a simple pet but quickly anthropomorphized into a dog with dreams, hopes and an active imagination. He was often seen sleeping on the roof of his dog house. Or you could see him fighting an imaginary enemy in mid air, as he pretended to be the famous pilot, Flying Ace, at the beginning of World War One.

Snoopy is a beagle with white with black spots. His active imagination and aspirations to become something more made him a popular character in a series even though Snoopy doesn't speak, but communicates through miming, a doggish growl and thought bubbles.

Getting the decorations
The Peanuts comic strip is still running in reruns today. An obvious reminder of how incredibly popular the series was and still is amongst its readers. You can easily find party supplies featuring Snoopy and the other Peanuts characters on them. A few paper plates and napkins with Snoopy images will go a long way toward setting the party theme. You can add to this through black and white streamers and balloons and even the tablecloth on your buffet.

Choose to use comic strips in part of your decoration as well. Remember to save the funnies out of your Sunday papers for several weeks before the Snoopy baby shower. You can bring these out during the party for craft projects with children that may have attended the party. You can use these in place of a table cloth or place mats. You may also cut out the Peanut's comics and tape them to the wall around the party area for additional decoration.

Getting the food
Within the comic strip itself, Snoopy's favorite foods are root beer and pizza. These are great for kids and adults in moderation but you may want offer a few additional treats at this Snoopy baby shower. A nice salad with grilled chicken and Italian dressing can go a long way. In addition to root beer consider offering bottled water or carbonated water such as Perrier.

A Snoopy baby shower is a great idea for fans of the Peanut's comic strip and for animal lovers. Kids will love the Snoopy character and his favorite treats. Adults will enjoy the flash from the past and the conversation that goes with it.