Stork Baby Shower

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable times of any mother. And, for the friends of the expectant mother it is a time to celebrate and help the to-be mother gather everything that the baby will needs. Among girls, it is about one of the happiest times, aside from the wedding, which once the baby is born, will go on the back burner. If you are lucky enough to be close to the to-be mother and are planning a shower for the expectant mother, than you likely have pondered through your mind what theme would be best for the baby. One of the most traditional among all times is the stork baby shower theme. The obvious reason is of childhood stories as how the stork delivers the baby. However, when considering the stork baby shower theme, there are many more benefits than just this.

The stork baby shower theme is preferred over many others because of its soft gentle colors of pastel baby blue, and pink, with the white of the stork. It is also somewhat of a magical representation as the bird in flight is carrying a special package to be delivered to the parents. Obviously, if the couple does not know whether they are having a boy or a girl, this is the perfect shower theme.

When planning the baby shower, you will want to include cake, games, favors, gifts, place settings, and centerpieces. If the baby shower is going to be totally themed, than you will want all items- or at least most, to be centered on the theme. With the stork baby shower theme you will have an abundant of supplies and materials to choose from. There are specialty games, such as the diaper game, and the clothespin game, each of course, being appropriate for any baby shower, but they are especially relevant for the stork baby shower. There are also many favors and gifts that you can choose from. One particular gift that normally is a hit, especially among a bunch of women celebrating the entry of a new life with someone they love is the stork cigar, which comes in obviously, pink or blue. Which both colors could be used when you do not know the sex of the baby.

The baby shower can really be dressed up as you set the theme with decorations. Centerpieces can be included on the table and balloons and banners. There are even paper tablecloths which you can use. You definitely will have no trouble finding a variety of items to dress the scene with. You will want to keep to the theme, however, from the starting of the invitations to the decorations, to the cake, and to the table centerpieces. And, definitely don’t forget the games, where you can use stork diaper pins to play the best dressed diaper and a bottle with a stork on it for dropping clothes pins in to see who gets the most. The possibilities are endless but one thing remains, you will have the most traditional, memorable baby shower that doesn’t take you from store to store searching for themed goods.