Elmo Baby Shower

Elmo from Sesame Street is one of the favorites of the cast of puppets. If you’re not sure who he is, he’s the cute little red monster that loves exploration and teaching. His two best friends on the show are Zoe and Grover. Also, Elmo says that he’s about 3 and a half years old, putting him at about toddler age and making him a great choice for a baby shower theme. The fascination with Elmo exploded back in 1996 with the Tickle Me Elmo doll that sold out across America in record time.

Lucky for you, due to Elmo’s rock star status, planning an Elmo baby shower will be a very simple process. You can find Elmo graphics on the internet, and any major family department store is sure to have a selection of Elmo toys, favors and decorations for you to choose from.


The colors for this should be bright red and oranges, like Elmo himself. Streamers in these colors are great, hung from a centered light fixture and running to the walls alternating between them. For the centerpiece at the gift table, an Elmo doll in a diaper works perfectly. Elmo is a very baby friendly character, and you can use him and his friends in a variety of ways.

You can keep the decorations in line with Sesame Streets educational theme, and you can add other characters as well. You can use Zoe and Grover as his best friends, or even throw in some of the other well-loved characters such as Big Bird or The Count.

Don’t forget the invitations, either. Use pizza shapes with Elmo Monster bites taken out, or Elmo’s face for invitations.


Elmo’s favorite food is pizza! You can do a lot with pizza, with it’s variety of toppings and ways to serve it. You can even work in baby shower friendly designs related to teaching and education if you like. Pepperonis making up numbers and letters, or topping arranged in designs (or even Elmo Monster faces!)

Don’t forget an Elmo shaped cake for dessert. You can use any flavor you like, just make sure the icing colors him correctly.


Elmo Hot Potato – They sell this game in stores, or you could choose one person to operate the music while everyone tosses around an Elmo doll. When the music stops, whoever’s holding Elmo is out!

Tickle Me Elmo – Everyone gathers in a circle and tells jokes. The winner is chosen by the soon to be mom’s reactions to the jokes.

Musical Chairs – Try playing musical chairs with Sesame Street songs or Elmo’s own songs. Elmo loves singing so this should be any easy one to plan for.

To add a little fun to the air of the entire event, you could have everyone (try to) speak in third person for the entire shower. On Sesame Street, Elmo Monster always speaks in third person, never using the world “I”. Elmo would say: “Elmo thinks your baby shower is a great idea! Elmo will help you!”