Sesame Street Baby Shower

Remember the most popular children’s show when you were growing up? It had that theme song that still gets stuck in your head if you hear even a couple second of it… and it’s still one of the most popular today? That would definitely be Sesame Street, and it’s sure to be a hit as a baby shower. This is going to be one of the easier themes to pull off because the show is so popular still.


You could buy invitations, but it’s more fun and less expensive to make them on your own. The Internet is full of sesame street graphics you can borrow for your invitations, so grab them online. The papers should be bright primary colors, like the characters. Yellow, red, blue and green are all good choices. You could even get crafty and make little trash can envelopes and make them look like Oscar or pieces of trash inside the can for delivery.


The characters from this show will make great decorations. Put cut outs of them around the room in their obvious settings. Big Bird should be standing near the Sesame Street sign, the Count should be counting something (baby diapers? Or even babies if this is a second or third. “One cute little baby, two cute little babies… Two cute little babies! Ha ha ha!”). Oscar could be hoarding the presents as the centerpiece on the gift tables, and Elmo of course would be teaching everyone how to play the baby shower games. (Try getting dad-to-be to dress up like him. That should be fun!)


Sesame Street ABC Baby Name Game: Everyone better know their ABCs! Participants start at A and give a baby name, going around the room until Z. Anyone who can’t think of one within 10 to 15 seconds is out. The game continues until Z, or there’s only 1 person left. If there are 2 or more after Z, then you can either make them both winners or play another round.

Pin the Trunk on Snuffleupagus: This may take some artwork, or you could have a picture of Snuffy blown up at a photo lab. You may even be able to find a full size stand up at a party store. Obviously, the trunk has to come off, so you can pin it back on, just like the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game.


You can serve up just about anything you want, but if you want to have some fun with it you could serve it in alphabetical courses: An appetizer beginning with A, an entrée beginning with B, and then a dessert beginning with C. (Cookies would be a great suggestion, or Cookie Monster might feel a bit left out.)

Aside from the obvious baby needs, you could get them things relating to Sesame Street. You can find toys for children and babies easily with a Sesame Street theme, or you can get creative. Sesame Street books are usually educational, and baby needs to be read to, so books are an amazing idea. For an extra, decorative touch, you could get a metal garbage can (think Oscar’s trash can) and put all the usual gifts in it (remove them from the boxes for an extra touch). The end result would be Oscar’s trash can, full of diapers, pacifiers, bibs and other baby essentials; surrounded by the more in-theme gifts such as the toys and books.