Get Into a World of Pure Imagination with a Willy Wonka Baby Shower

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a best-selling book, a blockbuster movie, and a record-breaking remake for one reason – everyone loves it. A fun theme for adults and kids, the Willy Wonka baby shower is perfect for a family baby shower.

The only way to send invitations for a Willy Wonka baby shower is by sending each guest a Golden Ticket. Print out the invitation on gold paper a little smaller than the chocolate bar you're sending it with. Insert the invitation between the bar and the packaging and you're set to send it to the lucky recipients. You could ask your guests to come as their favorite characters, if you're all up to it.

As everyone enters the party room, have them sign a contract like they do in the movie – make up some silly rules like they have to finish all the food on their plates, or they have to join in all the silly or gross baby shower games.

Set up the room with your imagination as your guide. Cover the tables in candy-colored tablecloths and set a pot of grass flowering with lollipops in the center. Press in a bare branch painted silver and hang hard candies from it to look like little fruits. Sprinkle more hard candies around instead of confetti.

Hang artificial candy wreaths around the room and multicolored bunches of balloons in the corners. Position potted plants among the tables and decorate them with streamers made of real candies. Simply take a thin white thread and knot the candies onto it from end to end to make it look like a real streamer. Also hang some battery-operated fairy lights in the trees for a little sparkle. Suspend giant candies from the ceiling by wrapping some Chinese paper lanterns in clear cellophane and twisting the ends.

For the buffet table, have a large silver “tree” blooming with giant lollipops. Simply wire the the lollies onto the branches. Hang a few crystal icicles from the tree as well as a contrast to all the round shapes. Finally, twist fairy lights around all the branches. Candy-colored tablecloths should blanket the buffet table as well. Serve all the food on white platters as a nice contrast.

Choose foods that play on the characters' names. Veruca Salt and Pepper Oven-baked French Fries, Charlie Bucket of Fried Chicken, Mike BLTeevee Sandwiches and Golden Egg Salad is just a start. Serve with a light fruit juice and chocolate sodas for beverages.

A cake is a definite must for this theme. You could decorate one with multiple kinds of candies or have one made based on the movie or the book.

For the games, it's time to be kids again! Have a bubble gum blowing contest (Violet Beauregarde's infernal gum) and give a prize to the one with the biggest bubble. Another gross game is to have a burping contest. Have sodas or soda water available and see who can give the loudest or the longest burp! For prizes, Wonka's Bubbles (specially labeled bubble solution) are just right.

Definitely, you don't need to give out more candy as favors. But, a bubblegum scented lip balm, chocolate scented hand lotion, and a silver toothbrush are a perfect set of gifts to bring home.