Diaper Baby Shower

When it comes time for a baby shower there is a lot of preparation involved. The baby shower is a time of celebration when good friends of the expectant parents and grandparents gather to shower the mother-to-be with gifts for the baby. It is a time when the most special friend in the expectant mother’s life gathers everyone together to celebrate. The baby shower can also be hosted by a close relative.

The beginning planning of a baby shower is naturally the guest list. And, what comes next is the lengthy process of preparation- but, it will be fun. Selecting a baby shower theme will be important and among choices of themes is the diaper baby shower, which is one that is very nice for the expectant mother, as you can decorate the home with gifts for the expectant mother that are used as centerpieces and other decorations.

Once you’ve counted your guests and decided on the diaper baby shower theme, it will be it will be time for invitations. The invitations can be purchased or handmade as this is one of the easiest designs there is. Simply cut the design of a diaper and piece the invitation together with a pin.

Next, you will want to consider your decorations. One suggestion is a diaper bag filled with diapers as the center piece on a table with balloons attached to the bag. Another suggestion is stacks of diapers that are bound with ribbon with balloons attached. You may also do a balloon bouquet which in anchored by a baby diaper.

Games will also need to be considered. A few suggested games that are great fun are the diaper-writing game and the how many words you can spell from the word dirty diaper. In the diaper writing game guests will be given one diaper and a permanent marker and write a message on the diaper. A few suggestions for ideas are “daddy’s turn”, “special delivery” or drawing a bull’s eye on the diaper.

Prizes will need to be awarded to the winners of the games. Wonderful suggestions are a nice selection of teas wrapped in a tissue designed like a baby diaper. Or, a box of chocolates wrapped in a tissue designed as a baby diaper.

Food and beverages will need to be considered. Baby showers do not need to have meals, but they do need snacks or appetizers and a baby shower cake. The snacks should be served to all guests with plenty of beverages.

Make sure that when the expectant mother is opening her presents all guests are gathered around and that someone is recording what each present receive is and from who so the expectant mother can send thank you notes.

As the guests leave, present each guest with a special favor as a showing of gratitude of their support in the celebration. Ideas here include nicely scented bars of soap wrapped in tissue designed as a baby diaper, or a candle wrapped in a tissue designed as a diaper.