Concocting a Modern Mom Baby Shower Theme

You've found out that a dear friend is pregnant and you've decided to throw her a shower! Only problem, this mommy-to-be is young and hip and just as likely to put on a frilly pink maternity dress and she would granny glasses and a poufy updo. Why not put together a modern mom baby shower theme just for her?

There are many clean-lined or unconventional baby shower invitations that you can use for this modern mom baby shower theme. Or, you could create one using the chosen color scheme and just solid blocks of color and the silhouette of a pregnant woman on the front. Take this opportunity to tell the guests to bring gifts with modern lines rather than something frilly and lacey.

Choose a modern color scheme that would reflect this unusual and upbeat baby shower. A great and unexpected color combination is dark plum, flame orange, and touches of lime green. Ground these really peppy colors with a soft cream.

Decorate each table by grounding it in a cloth of cream linen, and then topping it with three Bird of Paradise blooms anchored in cream and green-toned pebbles in a low, free-form glass vase, Ikebana style. Use orange and purple tea light holders around the arrangement. Keep the plates a creamy white and top it with a cream napkin tied up with ribbons in purple, orange, and lime.

Set the buffet table with more creamy linen. For the centerpiece, have flowers of flame orange roses and dark purple hydrangea with lime green button mums in a free-form vase. Surround the arrangement with votive candles in bright orange candle holders. Put all the food on cream ironstone platters to keep everything grounded.

This is the time to serve elegant food with a twist! Use martini glasses to hold a marinated chopped salad of purple and orange sweet peppers, diced cucumber, and black olives for garnish. Nestle the salad in frilly lettuce cups. With that, serve pretty sticks of grilled spicy chicken with a tzatziki sauce and crispy pita chips. Then for dessert, have a luscious white chocolate with candied orange tart.

A cake is in order of course, but not one of those traditional tiered cakes, either. A cupcake tree in various colors of icing or a single tiered cake in the mommy-to-be's preferred flavor covered in cream cheese frosting and topped with candied orange slices and candied violets would be delicious, yet different.

For the activity during this shower, try something besides the tired old baby games. Why not call in a massage therapist and have back, hand, and foot massages for everyone? A choice between relaxing lavender oil and energizing orange oil would be in keeping with the modern mom baby shower color scheme and smell absolutely divine together, as well.

As to the favors, do something different as well. Give each guest a woven purple and orange basket filled with sea glass potpourri scented with lavender and orange essential oils. What a way to remember this very different modern mom baby shower!