A Baby Shower Toy Story Party

A baby shower Toy Story party is a great theme to use when there are kids going to be present at the baby shower. If it is a couple’s baby shower and each couple has kids, it may be a great relief for the mommy-to-be to have the attention diverted from her and concentrated onto the kids.

There are many invitations that make use of the Toy Story party theme, since it's very popular at the moment. Save yourself the trouble of making your own invitations by adapting a birthday party invitation for your baby shower. Or, you could cut out a cowboy hat (representing Woody) and write all the details at the back.

There are a lot of decorations in the theme available as well. You don't need to go all out and turn your room into Toy Story party wonderland but a few movie posters and some themed balloons mixed with a few blue and yellow (Woody's colors) and purple and green (Buzz's colors) balloons will stick to the theme without going overboard.

Set one of the figurines from the Toy Story movie as a centerpiece in the middle of each table. Surround the figurines with other toys like slinkys, wooden blocks, and other small toys that would be suitable. No other decorations are needed plus you may want to give some of the toys to the guest children as favors afterward.

A cardboard cutout of Woody or Buzz is the best centerpiece for the food table. Highlight the food platters with other little toys. Cover the table with a white tablecloth and use purple and green overcloths to tie into Buzz.

Since Pizza Planet is a main theme in the original movie, you could choose to serve pizza for everybody. I don't think the grown-ups would really complain but you could provide a fresh salad for those that are watching their waistlines more closely.

A cake is an essential to this baby shower Toy Story party. There are specialty cakes out there that incorporate the Toy Story party theme very nicely. Or, you could decorate a plain cake with Toy Story plastic figurines. You could also offer cupcakes decorated in yellow, blue, green, and purple frosting.

Some games that would be suitable for the baby shower Toy Story party is playing “Marco Polo” outdoors. But instead of saying “Marco” and “Polo” say “Howdy” and “Pardner.” Another activity that can keep the kids busy is decorating balloons like Mr. Potato Head.

A great parent-child activity is a trivia game based on Toy Story. You'll be surprised how much the kids know about their favorite characters! The winner here is the team that gets the most correct answers.

There should be two kinds of favors for this baby shower Toy Story party, though. The kids would be fine with a little bag of candies, sticker tattoos, stickers, and Toy Story Buttons. The parents though get their own favor bag. Package some MMs, lip balm, and hand sanitizer in a bandanna.