A guide to the baby blocks baby shower theme

The baby blocks baby shower theme is quite popular amongst new parents. In fact, you’ll find that this theme is so popular there are lots of suitable party supplies and decorations to choose from for your party. Whether you are throwing this party for yourself or a dear friend, you’ll have no problems in finding appropriate decorations.

Shower Decoration
Many stores sell giant baby blocks for a baby shower or birthdays and they make excellent table centerpieces for the event. Additionally, you can place them, if the instructions safe it’s safe, in the baby’s room after the party as decoration. They make cute props for family and baby photos too.

Baby showers in general follow a pastel color theme and usually choose between pink and blue to indicate the child’s sex. Blue represents baby boys and pink is for girls. If you are going with the baby blocks baby shower theme you may want to choose a primary color scheme that follows the colors most commonly seen on building blocks.

If you want your décor to flow, consider using the three primary colors; yellow, blue, and red. These can be used through out the party décor to create a lively and fun environment. Or, if you want something more adult, just use the pastel forms of these colors in; pink, light yellow and baby blue.

Baby Blocks Games
Continue your baby blocks theme with appropriate baby shower games. Some of the funniest involve adults acting like babies or dressing up like babies. You can also hold silly contests to get your guests into the competitive spirit.

Who can change the diaper on a baby doll the fastest? This would be using all the same steps necessary to change a real baby’s diaper. Some of the guys might even get into this party game with it’s fast paced competitive spirit. You’ll need enough dolls for each player, diaper changing materials and diapers, and a timer. Plus, some party prizes to hand out to the fastest players would be nice too.

Baby blocks anagrams is another fun game that suits this theme. However, you’ll need enough baby blocks to spell out complete words or phrases. Use the blocks to spell a short two or three word phrase. Have the guests all try to write down as many baby related anagrams of that phrase as possible within a 5 or 10 minute time limit. The person with the most anagrams wins.

Baby Shower Food
Guests at any party will expect there to be some food. Luckily, most guests at a baby shower won’t need to be spoon fed. A few appetizers and a variety of drinks should suffice for the event. Cheese and meat platters are always a great idea for parties. While popcorn also makes suitable snacks for those on high carb diets. Bottled waters, especially the carbonated ones, can help add elegance to a party without having to break out the alcohol. Since, we all know mommies to be can’t drink it.

The baby blocks baby shower theme is a simple and fun way to decorate a shower. It’s obviously related to babies and provides plenty of inspiration for décor and games.