An Out-of-this-World Space Baby Shower

When the mommy-to-be starts to stare out at the stars, what better way to share in her fascination than with a space baby shower?

This could be a family shower or a couple’s shower, too. If you choose a stargazing space baby shower theme, send out invitations that feature outer space or create invitations that use images of the stars. This baby shower is preferably held outdoors at night, so ask guests to dress warmly and bring wraps and telescopes. Have some romantic music playing in the background for this space baby shower.

A space baby shower doesn't have to be ultra modern and out of this world, it could be quite romantic as well. Plan to have a navy blue and silver color scheme for this baby shower set in the outdoors under the stars. This baby shower would be more of a picnic so there are few decorations needed beyond silver and navy blue tableware and star-themed picnic blankets and pillows. Bundle up the tableware together with the napkins using navy blue and silver ribbons to make juggling food, plate, and utensils much easier.

Serve easy food at this space baby shower. Make lots of ham and cheese sandwiches and hotdog hoagies that are full hand-held meals. Wrap each sandwich in parchment paper and secure each one with a space-themed sticker. Mini calzones would be a terrific addition to this menu. End it with a dessert like cookies or cupcakes that require minimal utensils to eat. If it's a chilly night, offer a hot soup packed in thermoses and serve them in star-themed paper cups.

Serve warm beverages here, too. Hot cocoa, hot tea or coffee, and hot herbal teas are great choices as well as hot apple cider or mulled wine for the alcoholic drinks.

Of course, the main activity of the evening would highlight stargazing and viewing the stars both with the naked eye and with telescopes. If the moon is full that night, it's a great chance to view the surface of the moon. A quarter moon provides less light but more chance to look at stars that are normally less viewable at other times.

A quieter game or two like space trivia would be fun and informative at the same time. Come up with about fifteen to twenty questions about stars and space and make it a mix of easy and more difficult questions. Award the guest that gets the most questions right with a hand-held stargazing guide.

Although, a stargazing party is usually just an excuse for couples to get together and snuggle in warm blankets under the stars. The romantic space baby shower is a great way to rekindle those sparks that are sometimes drowned out with all the stresses of pregnancy and getting ready for baby. Have enough time set aside for quiet couple time as well.

Favors for the romantic space baby shower could be items that could continue the romantic mood at home. A sexy-smelling candle (like with jasmine or ylang-ylang scents), a rich body lotion in a yummy scent like chocolate and a back roller could all be packed up together to create a romantic moment for your guests.