It's All About Laughter with a Cartoon Baby Shower

Nothing makes you feel like a kid more than cartoons. If you doubt this, just watch about an hour or so of cartoons with a small child, and you'll soon be laughing your head off. And since most baby showers are just a thinly-veiled excuse of a get-together that allows us to act like kids again, the cartoon baby shower is the perfect theme for doing just that!

You could base your baby shower on a mix of cartoons, since there are literally hundreds to choose from! Everything from the classic DC comics, Walt Disney, Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies, to the more modern Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network shows, and even Japanese Anime is fair game. It would be nice if you could ask the mommy-to-be if she has a favorite cartoon, after all, she is the star of the show, right?

The invitations should let all the guests know what they're going to be in for. There are quite a few Baby Looney Tunes and Baby Disney cards around; you could actually employ those for your baby shower! What if you can't find any to suit your theme? Let's say the mommy-to-be is a closet otaku (Japanese Anime fan) and wants that as a theme and you're having trouble finding the right invitations. Simply download the illustrations that you want over the internet and use them as the front of the invitation that is printed as a postcard.

A fun option to this is to ask your guests to come in a special costume. You don't have to be all dressed up as a cartoon character, though. You could ask them to dress up like kids, either when they were kids or like the kids now.

Decorating is simplified, too! There are lots of cartoon posters around. Don't be embarrassed to shop in the children's party section. It's a treasure trove of supplies for this very party. You could go all-out with being a kid and even purchase paper plates, napkins, tablecloths, and party hats in your chosen theme.

Balloons in the colors of the cartoons are the perfect touch. Finish it off with streamers and you've really channeled yourself and your guests back to being kids.

What food to serve? Kid food, of course! McDonald's is really every day, but what if everyone got a kiddie meal? Or you could serve chicken drumettes, baby potatoes, and baby carrots bring back memories of meals you've had as a kid! Serve that with brownies or chocolate chip cookies and top that with a yellow cake with fudge frosting and you'll be in kid heaven. What drinks to serve with that? Aside from juice, root beer floats, of course!

Trivia games based on cartoon characters would be perfect for this. And a great way to keep making everyone laugh is to play “Guess Which Cartoon Character It Is” with charades! You and your friends will literally be rolling in the aisles with laughter.

There are no simpler baby shower favors, either. Just use a paper goodie bag emblazoned with the cartoon characters and stuff with Kisses or MMs, travel-sized toiletries, lip balm, and a calling card-sized pre-printed thank you note.