Have Some Wild Fun with the Lion King Baby Shower

Welcome the littlest member of the pride with the Lion King baby shower. This gender-friendly theme can be modified to showcase Simba for a baby boy or Nala for a baby girl. It's also a great theme for a family shower where other children will be present as well.

The invitations can be purchased or made. Disney has many kinds of Lion King invitations and cards, so you're sure to find one that you like. And if you don't find one that suits your taste, you can easily create one on your computer with all the downloadable images available from the Lion King movies.

Green and brown are the colors for the Lion King baby shower scheme. You could add a few more colors to this like yellow, orange, and red. To make your jungle trees, blow up green balloons in various sizes and shades. Bunch them together to form trees and make the free form trunks by cutting out tree trunk forms from cardboard and taping the balloon strings to the back. Anchor the whole arrangement to the floor. Make ground plants by blowing up long balloons in various shades of green and grouping them together around the trees. Hide a few wild animal stuffed toys in the “jungle” or buy or create some standees using the characters in the film. The music from the soundtrack should be mixed with some African-inspired music for the background.

Cover each table in green cloth and use all green cutlery and plain plates but a brown ribbon tied up with ribbons in the other colors of the scheme. Make the centerpiece with a hollow gourd used as a vase for red, yellow, and orange gerberas and lantanas. Stand the arrangement in the middle of a low, wide wooden bowl filled with shaggy, green spider chrysanthemums.

For the buffet table, use the green cloth again. But this time, use the stuffed toy Simba as a centerpiece surrounded by the colorful gerberas. Have a few white votive candles in clear glass votive containers. A few small plastic wild animals can be scattered among the food platters. Use wooden platters, if possible, to serve the food.

Some food choices for the Lion King baby shower menu could be animal crackers with cheese dip, chicken or fish sticks, a green salad with jicama and apple matchsticks and raisins for Bug Salad, and small Pigs in Blankets in honor of the warthog Pumbaa. For dessert, nothing is better than chocolate cupcakes topped with lion-faced icing or little Lion King toppers.

A cake would definitely be the highlight of the buffet table. Have one in flavors the mommy-to-be would love and possibly decorated in animal skin designs with the characters of the movie prominently displayed on top.

The favors would have to show their African inspirations by including a bandanna in a wild animal print and a scented candle that also sports a votive with an animal print design. Add some yummy coconut-scented hand cream to that as well as some banana lip balm, and it's complete.