School Themed Baby Shower

School is a classic theme for a children’s party. It can also be used for a baby shower theme as well, especially if the expectant mother is an educator. In addition, it can be used to collect educational items for her children if the expectant mother already has some children. Typically, a mother that is not a first time mother already has all of the other items such as baby bedding and diaper genies.

Invitation Ideas
There are few materials needed for a school themed invitation. Only some kind of paper (construction paper, vellum, or both is recommended), a computer or a pen, and a little creativity. Two or three invitations will fit on a standard size piece of construction paper. Make sure that the printer settings are set properly to accommodate more than one per page. If both vellum and construction paper is being used, print the invitation on the vellum, then fasten the vellum to the construction paper so that it becomes the background to the iridescent material. The invitation can be introduced with a cute little poem such as the one below and then followed with the shower details.

A is for almost here (or already here)
B is for baby
C is for Celebration!

Party Favor Ideas
Apples are always a good gift for teachers and just as good for a school shower theme. They can be used as prizes for games or baked up and served as a yummy favor to take home. Likewise, apple scented candles are excellent party favors.

For those who like to learn or read, a gift certificate to a book store is a good choice. Perhaps even small, inexpensive children’s books could be used as a party favor as well.

Game Idea
A baby price is right game is a fun game to do at a baby shower. The host may want to have a little help with expenses on this one, however.

Go to the store and purchase some baby items. They can range from blankets to qtips, anything the baby might need or a mother to be might want for her baby. Any items that can be found that match the party theme are, of course a plus. Keep the receipt for these items because it will be needed to play the game.

At home, sort each of the items and keep track of what each individual item cost. At game time, show the guests each item one at a time. Have them right down what they think each item costs. When all of the items have been shown, each guest can tally up their price list. The guest that comes closest to the actual total on the receipt (before tax) is the winner. Give the winner a party favor and present the mommy to be with the baby items. A mother can never have too many random baby necessities!

Another game in which the mother to be winds up with useful everyday items is an ABC game in which the guests are assigned letters of the alphabet. Each guest must find a gift that starts with that letter. Examples: A=antibiotic soap B=baby bath C= crib, etc. The gifts don’t have to be big or expensive. Get creative. The mother is sure to enjoy and use whatever this fun game may bring.