Baby Shower Cake Sayings, Wording, and Poems

There are several considerations to take into account when select the sayings or words that you will use on your baby shower cake. Firstly, consider the size of the cake. Many people will have a regular sized cake with limited space and will have to use a short saying rather than a poem. Generally, a cute one-liner works great for cakes of any size, but for larger cakes, you may be able to fit a whole poem.

Also, consider the theme of the shower. If you have a specific theme, you may want to search online for quotes and poems related to that theme. Otherwise, here are some sample sayings that you can use:

Short Sayings

Welcome Baby (you can insert the baby's name as well)

A Star is Born

A Baby is a gift from God

We're expecting a new little one...

Thank you for sharing this special day

Short Poems

Bottles and diapers
Booties and pins
This is where
The fun begins!

Two little hands and
Two little feet
This little baby
Is so very sweet!