Wording Ideas for a Baby Shower After the Baby is Born

Traditionally, a baby shower is held before the birth of an infant. Many mothers, however, today prefer postponing the party. Holding a baby shower after the mom gives birth has various advantages.

Traditions have changed, giving event planning and organization more flexibility.

When organizing a baby shower after the birth of a child, you need to include some additional information in the invitation. Wording plays a role once again and it should be chosen carefully.

Baby Shower After the Baby is Born Wording
Naturally, the invitation or announcement needs to emphasize on one important fact – the baby is already born and will be making a presence during the shower. Giving guests this piece of information will help them get prepared.

The elements that the invitation needs to include are several.

The invitation should point out the name of the mom and the name of the baby. It also needs to include information about the location and the date on which the baby shower will be held.

You should also list RSVP information, as well as the stores at which the mom is registered. If any special activities will be held during the baby shower, you need to make a special note of that fact. Make sure you list all games and activities, especially if these involve the baby.

Additional Invitation Ideas
The invitation can benefit from the fact that the baby is already born. You are given more options in terms of visuals and design.

A picture of the mom and baby is the perfect visual to add to the invitation. A photo of the baby alone is also a great idea. You can also get creative when it comes to designing and wording the invitation. A baby footprint or a palm print will add the touch of cuteness needed to make the invitation extra special.

Use handwritten fonts or create the lettering in a way that resembles baby drawing. Naturally, you can use such words to add a highlight to the invitation (for example, these can be used to type out the baby’s name). Having the entire invitation written this way will make it more difficult to read.

Baby Shower Wording Samples
The fact that the baby is already born changes in no way the baby shower invitation wording etiquette. You have an additional piece of information to include and you can play around with the creative part of the invitation.

A Giggle, A Curl...A Sweet Little Girl!
Baby (baby’s name) and (mom’s name) would love to share a special day with you!
Please join us for a baby shower on (date) at (location).
Baby (baby’s name) is expecting your special welcome gifts! Please bring (point out what types of gifts are expected).
Please RSVP by (date) to (name and contact information).

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins
Baby (baby’s name) and (mom’s name) are expecting you for a very special baby shower.
Join them on (date) at (location and time).
Surprises await you! Please bring a special gift for a chance to enter the baby shower raffle and win amazing prizes.
Please RSVP to (name and phone number) by (date).
Looking forward to having fun with you and getting you officially acquainted to baby (baby’s name).