Twin Baby Shower Wording

A twin baby shower is even more special, as the couple is expecting the joy of having two babies. The wording of the invitation can certainly take that fact into consideration:

Two little darlings instead of one, mean twice the joy and twice the fun.
(name of mom-to-be) is glad to welcome you all to a very special party.
Please join her for a twin baby shower on (date) at (time and location)
Please RSVP to (name of person and contact information)

Other beautiful verses to add to the invitation include:
2 sweet, 2 nice - we've been blessed with a baby... twice!

Two sets of hands
two sets of eyes!
Twins are such a delightful surprise!

Please join us for a Twin Baby Shower honoring

We counted our blessings thankful for one,
Now we have two, double the fun!