How to Give a Great Baby Shower Toast

One often wonders if a baby shower toast is a requirement at a baby shower when usually there is no alcohol served. Well, toasts don't require alcohol, per se, and a toast is always a lovely thing to offer to the parents-to-be.

Typically, it is the hostess that gives the toast, or the daddy-to-be, if he is attending the baby shower. A baby shower toast is just a quick speech that is a wish of luck and happiness to the parents or the mommy-to-be and the new baby that is going to be joining them soon.

A great baby shower toast is one that has the perfect words in just the right length of time and just the right amount of time. While it's not that easy, it will be a relief to the person giving the toast that anything thirty seconds or less is just perfect.

When concocting your toast, it's nicest to share a few words about a significant memory that you share with the new family. Whether you make the toast humorous or poignant is up to you. Don't be too deliberate here, an ill-timed joke can easily fall flat on its face and put you off proposing any toasts for a long time.

It's best to steer your toast to the safer middle ground between jokes and emotional sharings. You should actually give your toast in the same manner you speak. Don't change your tone or the words you use too much or it will sound really put on and not natural. If you're known for cracking a joke or two, then by all means do so. Otherwise, this is not the time to try it out.

Great toasts can be borrowed, too. Just be sure not to plagiarize by saying who you got your quote from! There's no worse feeling than having your friends thinking you were really clever and then have them hunt you down after a few months just to tell you, “I thought what you said was something you really came up with but I came across so-and-so on the net and look what I found!”

You could order a custom toast if you like, but it's not really necessary. As long as it is a genuine and sincere wish, it is perfect.

The usual recipe for a toast is to start with a little personal feeling or thought on the pregnancy, share a little incident on the past, and then inviting everyone to raise their glasses to the future family or mommy-to-be. Any good wishes for the future, a quote from a poem about parenthood, motherhood, or new babies, or your own personal thoughts form the basis of a terrific toast. For example, a search of Irish Blessings led to this toast for the new baby:

“May flowers always line your path
And sunshine light your day
May songbirds serenade you
Every step along the way
May a rainbow run beside you
In a sky that's always blue
And may happiness fill your heart
Each day your whole life through.”