Baby Shower Thank You Poems

After a baby shower is over and as soon as a baby is born, people feel an urge to express their feelings.

The first person to do so is the mom-to-be. Once the baby shower ends, she needs to send thank you cards to everyone who attended the event. Guests, on the other hand, can send cards to congratulate her once the baby is born.

Poems are a fun and emotional way to say thank you or to congratulate someone. These are much more original than the plain and clichéd greetings included on cards.

A poem can be discovered or written for any occasion. It will be fun and memorable. A poem can be easily combined with a personal note to make the message even more special.

Baby Shower Thank You Poems
Once the baby shower is over, the mom-to-be starts sending out thank you cards. These usually include a brief statement or a poem that demonstrates how much she values everyone’s attendance.

If you are about to write baby shower thank you notes, you can include one of the following poems:

Thank you for the gift
That I will soon see.
Mom says it's really great,
And you picked it just for me.
Mom is sending this card of thanks
Because I have yet to arrive.
And even when I do,
I won't write good 'til I'm five.
Thank you from Me, Mommy & Daddy.`

The shower was fun, the party was great,
Thanks for coming to celebrate!

My baby shower made me feel such love and joy,
As we all celebrated my sweet baby boy!
Thank you for coming!

The memory of my baby shower
Will always be a treasure.
Thanks so much for coming,
It was such a pleasure!