Surprise baby shower invitation wording

If you’re throwing a surprise baby shower, then you need to come up with wording that sends the right message to the guests. You don’t want your big surprise to be ruined by one of the guests, who didn’t notice that it’s a surprise party. Use something funny, but pretty clear, such as:

“We’re planning a baby shower, but (mom’s-to-be name) doesn’t have a clue
So keep it a secret, we’re counting on you”

“Toot the horn
Bang the drum
It’s a surprise baby shower
Can you come?”

“Look who’s having a baby!
We want to celebrate
And throw her a surprise shower
We hope you can come!”

When sending the invitations for a surprise baby shower, make sure you write all the details: the name of the mom-to-be, the place, date and hour for the party and also ask the guests to address directly to you when they confirm attendance or if they have supplementary questions.