Baby Sprinkle Shower Wording Ideas for Invitations and Thank You Cards

Baby sprinkles are different from baby showers in that they are a much smaller event with less people. Also, since sprinkles are usually for second babies, the need for big gifts is not as great. Babies after the first child can often benefit from hand me downs. Below are some ideas for wording for baby sprinkle invites and thank you cards, including some poems and cute phrases:

Baby Sprinkle Poems

  1. Bibs and diapers and bottles galore
    (mom and dad's name) are having one more
    Big (sister/brother) has plenty to share
    We're hosting a "sprinkle" to show that we care
    Come join our celebration before baby is due
    We don't know yet if it will be pink or blue

    (alternate ending)
    Please join us to celebrate before the little (boy/girl) is due
    and share in their joy of baby number two!

  2. We're expecting
    a cuddly new bundle
    of joy.

    Please bring a special gift
    either for a girl or a boy!

  3. Newborn babies are lots of fun
    And (mom's name) is having another one!
    We're having a baby sprinkle because
    We want to show her new baby some love.
  4. No need for big gifts
    On this special date
    Just small stuff, food, and diapers
    And help us celebrate!


Baby Sprinkle Phrases

  1. Please join us for a baby sprinkle honoring (name of baby)

  2. A baby boy/girl is on his/her way,
    Join us for a sprinkle before the big day!

  3. Bibs and booties, diapers and more,
    That's what Baby Sprinkles are for!

  4. How thankful we are for this gift from above
    Come join us to sprinkle our baby with love