Baby Sprinkle Themes

If this is the first baby sprinkle you are throwing, you are probably wondering what type of theme you should have for it. Here are a few simple clues that will get you well on your way to deciding the best baby sprinkle themes for you that are easy, appropriate, and generally inexpensive. A theme sets the tone for the entire party and the baby sprinkle themes can vary depending on the tastes of the mom-to-be-again.

Baby Sprinkle Themes Idea #1 - Use a Baby Shower Theme

A baby sprinkle is just a smaller version of a baby shower or a party thrown for a woman who has had a baby before or just recently. A baby sprinkle themes can be the same as a baby shower theme. One common idea that works well is the theme to revolve around the way the mom plans to decorate the nursery. If the mom is planning a Noah's Ark nursery theme, incorporate that into your baby sprinkle themes. It is a simple place to start and the favors, decorations, etc for the party the mom may be able to incorporate into the nursery which will save her some money. So, not only are you giving her a party but you are also saving her some money at the same time. What an excellent gift; it is the gift that just keeps on giving!

Baby Sprinkle Themes Idea #2 - Blue / Pink Theme

As mentioned before, the sprinkle is basically the same as a baby shower; only smaller or for a mom-to-be again. A simple method, if you know the gender of the baby, is to theme the party around a boy or girl. Decorate in blues or pinks as necessary. If the gender is unknown, the common color is yellow. You can use color schemes for your baby sprinkle theme by using specific colored table cloths, colored deserts, colored flowers, and etc. "It's A Boy!/It's A Girl" balloons galore will also be a nice addition to this type of theme.

Baby Sprinkle Themes #3 - Mixed Themes

The third idea for baby sprinkle themes involves a variety of ideas. There are so many different themes you can choose from, and really, there is no right or wrong baby sprinkle theme. When you are deciding on a theme, just remember that a sprinkle is basically the same as a shower. So, think of baby shower themes and base your baby sprinkle themes accordingly. You can mix themes like bottles and diapers if you want.

Baby Sprinkle Theme #4 - Sprinkles

You can also use "sprinkles" as part of your party theme, since it is indeed a baby sprinkle. Add sprinkles to cakes and cupcakes as well as your decorations. Another meaning for sprinkle is a light rain shower, so you can incorporate umbrellas and other rain-related themes into your party.

Since this is her second, third, or even tenth child, she has been through the hoopla already, so why not make the baby sprinkle theme fun and not necessarily baby based. Have a Lou Oi theme, beach theme, or something fun, exotic, or interesting. Since she has had a child before, you can be creative and make this a gift giving party, but also a unique and fun party as well. Baby sprinkle themes are totally up to you, and, pretty much, you can't go wrong. Do what you want, do what makes you and the mom comfortable, and just have fun with it!