What Are Proper Baby Sprinkle Gifts?

The baby sprinkle is a fairly new innovation that celebrates the birth of the second or third child. Unlike baby showers where it's only the firstborn that is acknowledged, the baby sprinkle is a smaller get-together where family and friends “sprinkle” the mommy-to-be with gifts, love, and advice. The baby sprinkle can also refer to a smaller shower for a new mom that has everything already.

Since the baby sprinkle is a smaller celebration, it follows that the baby sprinkle gifts are also smaller or less expensive. Large items are not the focus here. Rather, duplicates of usable items like diapers, baby toiletries, or ordinary baby clothes are welcome.

Repeat mothers usually do have most of the things needed for a new baby, but sometimes, there are things that she lacks completely. For example, if the first child was a girl, it's more than likely that each and every baby item has a touch of pink or flowers or something girly in it. When the second child is a boy, quite obviously, none of these will do!

It's best to explain on the invitation what kinds of gifts are expected. The baby sprinkle is relatively recent, so sometimes a word of advice on what kind of celebration it is and what kind of gifts should be purchased. People tend to confuse the two terms and may feel that luxury gifts that were not received the first time are the norm for this.

It's not rude for the preferred baby sprinkle gifts to be indicated on the invitations. Actually, most of the guests prefer it, since it cuts down so much on wasted shopping time.

The baby sprinkle gifts themselves can follow certain themes on what the mommy-to-be needs to stock up on:

Fill the Diaper Table – suggested gifts could be disposable or cloth diapers, diaper covers, diaper clips or safety pins, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, baby powder.

Eating Spree – baby bottles, bottle brush, sterilizer, rubber or silicone nipples, disposable bottles and bottle liners, baby plate set, baby utensils, bibs, training cup, pacifiers, teethers, bib clips, bottle sleeves, trainer cups.

First Aid – baby acetaminophen, colic medicine, baby antihistamines, ipecac, menthol rub, digital and ear thermometers, calamine lotion or antihistamine cream, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic skin cleaner (not hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial cream, tweezers, scissors, baby sun screen, baby insect repellant, children's liquid decongestant, nasal aspirator, assorted bandages, gauze pads, gauze rolls, surgical tape, sterile cotton, cotton swabs, mild liquid soap, oral syringe, calibrated medicine spoon or cup, hot water bottle, gel ice pack, small flashlight, rehydration fluids, first aid manual with a special section on children and babies.

It's Bathtime! - hooded towels, hand towels, baby wash, baby lotion, baby powder, brush and comb set, bath toys, essential oils for coughs, cold, colic, or sleep, natural baby oils for the skin.

You can come up with more themes that can be used exactly this way. It's much easier for the guests when they know what they're supposed to be building up with the baby sprinkle gifts.