Baby Sprinkle Games

Baby sprinkles are also known as baby showers for subsequent children. It's appropriate to have a celebration like this since the next siblings should be shown as much love and care as the firstborn.

A baby sprinkle is normally simpler than a baby shower with only close friends and family invited. It's a more intimate celebration, since the mommy-to-be doesn't usually like to look like she's trolling for gifts for her newborn.

Everything that you would expect to find at a baby shower, you would find at a baby sprinkle. There would be no shortage of food, decorations, or games. Yes, there are baby sprinkle games that you can play, too.

First of all, clear it with the mommy-to-be if she wants any games at all! Remember, this is her day so what she says goes. If she's amenable to games, ask her what kind she's comfortable with. There are some baby sprinkle games that people find embarrassing, gross, or downright demeaning. Be sure not to include these games in your list, if she requests it.

Once you have the all-clear, prepare at least five baby sprinkle games for the party. Don't expect to play all the games, though. Go with the flow of the party – once it starts to slow down, introduce a game.

That brings us to the next item on the list: don't block off a whole chunk of time just for games. Intersperse the games with other activities in the baby sprinkle. Once the pace starts winding down, introduce another game.

Baby sprinkles are usually couples affairs, as the daddy-to-be is normally invited to the celebration. If there are going to be males at the baby sprinkle, be sure that the baby sprinkle games can accommodate them, too. Add some male-oriented activities, like drinking beer out of baby bottles.

Next, consider the prizes that you're giving out for the baby sprinkle games. Try not to duplicate the prizes and give something different from the favors. These don't need to be expensive stuff either; you can give out small bottles of hand lotion, lip balm, scented soaps, or scented candles if you want. The object is to give the guests a little something that they won't normally get for themselves.

A nice variation on baby sprinkle games is “Remember When.” Everybody gathers around and tells stories of an experience they had raising their children or of pregnancy. You can categorize these stories into “funny,” “caring,” “tear-jerker,” or “sweet,” among other things. The mommy-to-be plays judge as to who gave the best stories in each category.

If this part of the celebration can be recorded, it will make a really great keepsake for the celebration. Either have someone assigned to be cameraman here, or someone writing down the stories that are being shared. You could also hand out papers and ask each one to write down their memories before reading them out loud. Then, the papers could be gathered together to form a memory book and decorated later on with pictures and little bits of the decorations used at the party.