Baby Sprinkle Food Ideas

A baby sprinkle is a party for a someone who has already had a baby shower; meaning this is just a smaller gathering, or it is for a mother who is having her second or third child. Just because she already has children doesn't mean she doesn't need some help and some new gifts. Besides baby sprinkle gifts, favors, and themes, deciding on what what kinds of food to serve at the sprinkle is equally important.

Bring Your Own Baby Sprinkle Food

This is one of the least expensive baby sprinkle food ideas. Have the guests bring a dish with them (make sure to include this in the baby sprinkle invitation). If you are a guest bringing a baby sprinkle food, here is a suggestion. Since this party is called a baby sprinkle; why not buy a tub of ice cream and bring candied sprinkles. Be sure to bring some disposable bowls with you as well. To spruce it up a bit, why not try to find some ice cream bowls that tie in with the baby sprinkle theme-if there is one. If there isn't a theme, buy pink, yellow, or blue bowls. If the mom knows the gender, go with the gender specific color. If she doesn't, opt for yellow. You can also find baby shower types of disposable bowls as well.

Party Trays for a Baby Sprinkle

Just because it is called a baby sprinkle doesn't mean that it isn't similar to a baby shower or any other type of party. So another baby sprinkle food idea - include your general party platters or party trays. These trays generally come with crackers, deli slices, cheese, etc. You can also purchase sandwich trays as well. This will allow the guests of your baby shower to make their own sandwich, or you can purchase premade sandwiches. This is especially a good idea if the party is going to be a short one.

Baby Sprinkle Food Ideas for an Extended Party

If your baby sprinkle will also include a complete meal you have several options. To save money, you can make the dinner a potluck. Be sure to include this in the invitation and have the guests R.S.V.P. with what dish they will be bringing to the baby sprinkle. This is a great idea if many guests will be coming. If the gathering of guests will be small, you can consider making a meal to feed all of the guests. Pasta generally is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Get the daddy-to-be-again involved and have a BBQ. You can provide the meat and ask your guests to bring the sides. Again, for this baby sprinkle food ideas, be sure to include requests for guests to bring sides for the BBQ. This party is meant to help the mother get gifts to help her with her newest child, save her money, and honor her. Keep this in mind and your pride on the sideline. Your guests will not have a problem with bringing a dish to the party. They will be excited to be a part of the sprinkle and understand that right now you need to be saving some money, not spend all of it on guests.

Whether you are having a small, large, or long baby sprinkle, just keep in mind the cost of food for the party and base your menu around the budget you have set. Having guests R.S.V.P. will better help you to outline your food budget, shop accordingly, and come up with the best baby sprinkle food ideas. A potluck is the most inexpensive idea and is generally the most fun type to have. This way you can get a taste of your aunts secret casserole recipe again without having to wait for Easter!