Baby Sprinkle Favors

If this is your second, third, or maybe even seventh baby; you still need a baby sprinkle. Whether you or someone else is throwing the baby sprinkle for you, here are some simple, cute, and unique baby sprinkle favors ideas. Since this is the mothers second or more baby and you have some baby shower favors left over from the last party, see if you can incorporate them into this baby sprinkle as well. For one, it saves money, another reason this is a good idea is because it is "green" to recycle your party favors. Thirdly, you can also clear out the storage space where the party favors were and therefore make yourself some more room!

Keep it Simple

Don't go overboard on baby sprinkle favors, remember, that money is better spent on the mother-to-be-again. Some simple favor ideas are very similar to your general baby shower favors. Most retail stores don't necessarily sell specific "baby sprinkle favors", so your best bet is to shop online if you want actual "baby sprinkle" favors and items. Search for baby shower favors and look for items with no minimums.

Turn the Baby Sprinkle Favor Into a Keepsake

The idea of making the favor a keepsake isn't anything new. But, you can make the baby sprinkle favors a keepsake; especially for the siblings of the upcoming baby, grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles, etc. Since the baby sprinkle favors that can double as a keepsake may be more expensive, I suggest only giving these favors to specific people.

One idea is to give out baby sprinkle ornaments. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this, simply have an ornament engraved with the child's name or something cute like that. Maybe purchase some clear ornaments and put the picture of the sonogram inside the ornaments and write "Grandmas 2nd Blessing" or something personal on it. This is a cheap way to do things and can be a baby sprinkle favor that can double as a keepsake for those special in your life as well as be special in the receivers eyes.

Recycle Baby Shower Favors for Your Baby Sprinkle

If you are the person throwing the baby sprinkle, why not go through some of the left over baby shower favors you have in storage. This way you can be more economical and make some more space for yourself. If you are the mom and have left over favors from your first baby shower, you can throw those into the mix as well and see if you can't logically incorporate these into your baby sprinkle. It is cost effective, easy, help you clear some clutter, and be more "green".

Whether you purchase online, buy them at a specialty store, make them yourself, or recycle previous baby shower gifts; as long as you are comfortable with the favors you use, the guests will appreciate them just as well. Don't go into debt just for baby sprinkle favors when you have a multitude of other options to rely on. Not every party has to have a favor-based theme. The favors are just a small gift to the guests and usually kept by the baby sprinkle guests as a memento of the occasion, and you can turn your baby sprinkle favors into keepsakes as well.