Baby Sprinkle Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn't Do

A baby sprinkle is a small baby shower, so it follows that baby sprinkle etiquette would be the same, or almost the same as that for a baby shower.

Properly put, a baby sprinkle is a celebration of the coming birth of any child after the firstborn. Considering that a baby shower would have been held for the first child, a baby sprinkle signifies less gifts and less guests than a shower. Proper baby sprinkle etiquette dictates that only close friends and family should be part of the baby sprinkle so as not to look like gifts are being solicited for the next baby.

Invitations usually show a closed umbrella and the shining sun after the rain to signify a light sprinkle. A quick explanation can be included as well, since not everyone is familiar with the concept of a baby sprinkle. The explanation should include what to expect, and this time, the types of gifts that the attendees are expected to bring.

Themes are usually followed to consolidate the types of gifts. Nothing big is expected, as per baby sprinkle etiquette, rather it's more of the small, consumable items that will be given to the expectant mother. Themes along these lines would be for feeding supplies, bath supplies, first aid kits, and others like that.

Themes for the baby sprinkle celebration itself could be a potluck, where all the guests bring a frozen meal so the new mommy will have an extra pocket of time for herself. If the emphasis is to be more on the gifts, a “little things” theme is nice, where everything is in miniature, including tiny bits of food (hors d'ouvres). Or, a spa theme would also be terrific, giving the mommy-to-be a little bit of pampering before the big day.

You don't need to scrimp on decorations, food, or any part of this celebration. Based on baby sprinkle etiquette, this is just as important as any baby shower, not secondary to it. After all, every new life is a celebration, right?

Games are something expected at a baby shower, and there is nothing in baby sprinkle etiquette that says you can't have any games at a subsequent celebration. Just remember to check with the mommy-to-be if you have any games which can embarrass her – or other guests – like guessing how big her tummy is or having the guests act in a silly manner. Whatever the mommy says, goes in this situation.

Prizes and favors should be small as well. Little bottles of luxurious hand lotion, body scrub, aromatherapy oil, or lip balm are great choices that can pamper the other mothers as well. Some other choices could be aromatherapy candles (Choose organic ones to be safe; also check that the wick doesn't contain any lead), bath pearls, or scented luxury soaps.

Whether the guests bring a gift or not, the mommy-to-be should send a thank-you note. A nice touch would be to prepare all the thanks in advance and then send it with a picture of the newborn as a thank you note and birth announcement all in one. How's that for killing two birds with one stone?

Baby sprinkles are joyous celebrations, no matter if it's the second, third, fourth, or any number child that is expected. Baby sprinkle etiquette is just there to help you celebrate it properly.