Cute Ideas for Baby Sprinkle Cakes

Baby sprinkles are normally thought of as second or subsequent and therefore, smaller baby showers. Now, while there is definitely no shortage of love for the repeat mommy-to-be, the celebration in itself is a much smaller, quieter one among close family and friends only.

As with any celebration, food will definitely be served and there's no need to scrimp on that. However, people are usually not sure if this celebration warrants a baby sprinkle cake or just a simple dessert?

A baby sprinkle cake is definitely appropriate, in any case. It's just not as elaborate or as towering as a cake for a baby shower. Smaller cakes with lesser tiers are right on the money. There is nothing that says it should not be creative, so let your imagination go wild as to how to best express the theme of the baby sprinkle with an unusual cake.

A good idea for a baby sprinkle cake could be one decorated entirely with white icing and multi-colored candy shot (also known as candy sprinkles). If there are three tiers to the cake, the bottom and top could be encrusted with the candy sprinkles and the middle tier left plain or striped in the colors of the sprinkles. Easy but eye catching. You could put in a few gold or silver dragees or use some edible glitter to make the cake sparkle.

Another idea is to base the cake on polka dots and sprinkle them liberally all over the cake. Make the dots smaller as the tiers get smaller or use giant to mini-sized polka dots on a single layer cake. You can use all the colors of the rainbow, if this is the color scheme of the party, or just limit it to the main colors, if you like.

A pretty baby sprinkle cake could be based on a popular commercial baby sprinkle invitation that shows a closed umbrella and the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. It's a little more of a painted on design that will work really well with floodwork. It may be worth it to search out a talented cake artist to execute this cake.

Another cake with a more old-fashioned feel involves fondant work, with a 3D closed umbrella lying near a pair of standing rain boots beside a silver puddle of “water.” This is a more intricate type of work that may need to involve a professional cake decorator unless you like a more “cartoony,” Dr. Seuss feel to your decorations.

If you don't want to have a whole cake, then cupcakes are a terrific alternative. You can have the cupcakes iced and decorated with sprinkles or MMs and arranged on a stand. The stand itself can be further decorated with icing and candies or crystals attached to the stand with wire and flat-headed pins.

So as you can see, the sky is the limit with baby sprinkle cakes. You can express the color scheme and basic theme of the baby sprinkle, or translate it in a slightly different way. In any case, the baby sprinkle is supposed to be fun and the baby sprinkle cake should express that feeling clearly.