Baby Sprinkle Activities

Baby Sprinkles are small, intimate celebrations for the expected children after the firstborn child. Since this is a little more informal than a baby shower, you are actually free to plan it however you want. There are no rights and wrongs in planning a baby sprinkle. And since this is usually a celebration for a fully formed family, husbands and children are welcomed as part of a baby sprinkle. It would be thoughtful to have a few baby sprinkle activities geared towards them as well.

There are several baby sprinkle activities that you can incorporate into your baby sprinkle. One of the different sprinkle activities is giving to the unfortunate. This is a very special thing to do, especially if the gifts gathered are sent in the new baby's name. This is a great baby sprinkle activity, especially if the parents-to-be already have everything and just want to spend time with friends and family.

A nice variation is to set up a “sundae bar” with a selection of 3-4 different kinds of ice cream in complementary flavors, different toppings like chopped nuts, crushed pineapple, miniature marshmallows, miniature MMs, chocolate niblets, skittles, nerds, jelly beans, runts, crushed pralines, and sauces like hot caramel, hot fudge, fresh strawberry sauce, pineapple sauce, raspberry sauce, and coffee sauce. Pile on the sprinkles!

A terrific memory-making activity is “Remember When” where everybody shares a memory based on a certain category like “sweet,” “happy,” “cute,” or “heartbreaking,” The guest that shares the best memory in a category is a winner. The mommy-to-be should be the judge of who the winners are. A nice idea is to have the guests write down their memories and then read them out loud. The papers can be gathered together afterward and made part of a memory book to commemorate the day. Spaces can be left for pictures and bits of decorations from the sprinkle. If the sharing can be recorded, it will add a little more poignancy to the celebration.

Since baby sprinkles are for second or third children, part of the baby sprinkle activities could focus on the older children, to make them feel more special and part of the family that is looking forward to the new baby. Perhaps having a special little cake of small gift especially for them would do nicely towards settling jittery feelings about the newest addition to the family.

A thoughtful type of baby sprinkle activities is to create a keepsake box for the new baby. The guests can be asked to write letters or well-wishes for the baby to read in the future, quite like a time capsule. Adding a popular magazine published that month, and a newspaper for the day the baby is born to complete the keepsake box.

Baby sprinkles are more focused on support, advice, and caring rather than fun, games, gifts, and food. The smaller party allows it to be more fun, more intimate, and more unique. This can allow it to be more flexible than a baby shower and show more of the personalities of the parents-to-be than a more formal shower will allow.