Baby Shower Raffle Wording

A baby shower raffle is something that occurs quite often. The main aim of this activity is to provide the mom-to-be with everything she needs, while guests have fun and win intriguing prizes.

A raffle has no specific rules. It can be held in any way deemed appropriate. Some raffles focus on diapers. For example, guests who bring more diapers will receive more raffle tickets. Another option is for the tickets to be purchased.

How to Distribute Tickets
The tickets can be given out on any principle. One of the options is to distribute tickets on the basis of gift value. Guests that bring in the most expensive gifts will receive more tickets than others. Still, it is possible to provide everyone with one ticket and give them the chance to purchase additional ones.

Most often, baby shower raffle tickets have a price of one or two dollars. These go to the baby’s diaper fund or for the purchase of other items that will be needed during the first months after birth.

Baby Shower Raffle Ticket Wording
The tickets themselves are simple. These usually feature one visual and the basic information that each guest will need.

Remember to include the price of the ticket, as well as the items that the collected funds will be used for.

Baby shower raffle tickets can either be made at home or purchased. Numerous online stores offer intriguing and very cute opportunities that you can make use of. To turn the tickets into something more special, have a different visual on each one of them.

Baby Shower Raffle Invitation Wording
The baby shower invitation itself should make it clear that a raffle will be held. The invitation should also mention what types of items guests will have to bring to the party in order to take part in it.

Raffles give you the chance to be fun and original in terms of invitation wording. Make sure that you emphasize on the products that mom-to-be will need. Mention that prizes will be available but keep those a secret.

If you want to mention the raffle in the baby shower invitation wording, you can make use of the following verses:

A bag of diapers or wipes for me
Would really help my parents to be.
So please bring a package any size.
Did I mention it could win you a really great prize?

To add a little extra glee
And help the parents-to-be
Please bring a little extra from the heart
An unwrapped pack of diapers
To give them a good start!
For a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Come celebrate with us the new baby to be
For its birth will make it a family of three
(mom-to-be's name) and (dad-to-be's name) are trying not to go crazy
As they await the arrival of their own little daisy
You can bring along diapers or wipes will do
Each pack you bring will get a raffle ticket for you
Baskets for the winners filled with goodies galore
A good time for all is what we have in store
We are all so excited with each passing day
For __________ is soon on her way

Most of these verses focus on diaper raffles but they can be modified to encourage guests to provide any other type of useful gift. Apart from these, the invitation should contain traditional information about the date and location of the shower, as well as the RSVP information.