Baby Shower Poems for Girls

Baby shower poems are a sweet and cute way to invite friends and family to celebrate the coming of a new baby. You can also print them on the baby shower favors you prepare for the guests, turning them into a great memento of the baby shower party.

When it comes to baby shower poems for girls, the possibilities are endless. If you know the mom-to-be really well (and you certainly do, since you’re the one organizing the baby shower party) then think about her favorite poems and songs and try to find some great verses that suit the occasion. Read poems of famous poets to find insightful quotations you can use on the baby shower invitations, cards or favors. Also, you can go online and search for ideas – there are literally hundreds of websites with ideas on how to organize a baby shower and samples of baby shower poems, wording and sayings.

The most popular baby shower poems for girls are the ones describing the sweetness and the cuteness of a baby girl:
“Delicate fingers and tiny toes
Little and sweet baby girl clothes
Curls and ribbons and doll toys
Baby girl, you bring us great joys”

“Pretty pink bows and shiny curls
Oh, thanks Heaven for little girls”.

“Precious little girl, our little princess
You will bring us so much happiness
We are all waiting to meet you
Mom and dad and grandparents (or siblings) too”

Welcoming a new baby girl is a very special moment for the mom-to-be. You need to emphasize the moment with a beautiful baby girl poem that describes the special relation between mothers and baby girls:
“I have a special treasure
Waiting for me in the world
A very precious treasure
My mother’s endless love”.

“You’re more then just special
You’re my perfect gift
My sweet little daughter
I can’t wait for us to meet”.

“I’m truly blessed, from Heaven above
And grateful to be
My mother’s true love”

If the new daddy is really excited to have a baby girl and he will be attending to the baby shower, then you definitely have to mention him in the poems you will be using for the baby shower invitations, favors or cards. Here are some ideas on how to include the proud father in the baby shower poems for girls:
“Mommy and daddy are really proud
Within their arms they’ll hold you tight!
Little baby girl, we say out loud:
We can’t wait to have you in our sight”.

When picking poems for a baby shower party, it’s very important to make sure that the mom-to-be approves of them and she is comfortable with your poems selections. Even if you keep some of the things from the baby shower party as a surprise for the mom-to-be, let her know about the poems and ask her if she likes them.