Work or Office Baby Shower Wording

Everyone is aware of the standard baby shower wording. Yet, many people are trying to find an alternative – something more creative and unusual to correspond to this special event.

Coming up with invitation wording can be a difficult task. Finding the balance between cliché and excessive originality could be tricky.

Each theme will demand for a wording of its own. An office baby shower theme will have one type of appropriate wording, while a couples baby shower theme will need to be phrased in another way.

Office Baby Shower Wording
Office baby showers demand no sending of invitations. Having posters or flyers will provide everyone with the necessary information.

If you want the event to be more special and personalized, you can provide each colleague with an invitation.

Whether you choose to use a poster or an invitation, you will have to include some basic information in it.

Make sure that the date, time and location of the baby shower are listed. It might also be a good idea to provide information about the shop that the mom to be is registered at. This way, coworkers will find it easier to purchase presents.

The poster should also contain RSVP information and any additional details that might be useful – theme of the party or activities that will be organized.