Appropriate Office Baby Shower Themes

Once it's decided that you're coordinating the office baby shower, you need to choose the baby shower theme as soon as possible. Not only will it make the baby shower easy to plan, you will be able to distill everything down to the necessities since there is only about thirty minutes to an hour maximum that you can allot for an office baby shower.

An office baby shower also should be more sedate than one that is given privately. So, after checking that you can have the baby shower in a central office location, you can consider the following office baby shower themes:

Books are interesting office baby shower themes since they are easy enough to carry around and there is not too much boisterousness associated with books. And since you're in an office, the setting would be perfect for it. You could ask your co-workers to bring a book as a gift – maybe a book they enjoyed as a child, or baby care books for the new parents, or bedtime story books. In keeping with that as a theme, you can make a little table arrangement of red and green apples, with maybe a gummy (book) worm thrown in as a highlight. Food can be as simple as an apple cake or pie, or a dirt cake to fit in with the bookworm highlight.

Little things are always needed for a new baby and they make a perfect theme, too. It's a perfect reminder that you don't need the big, expensive items but the everyday stuff is more essential. It's also easier for the parent-to-be to manage to bring them home. Ask co-workers to bring everyday baby items – diaper rash cream, baby wash, baby powder, infant socks, diaper clips, etc. Arrange everything in a beautiful basket, baby bag, or laundry bag to make a centerpiece for the food table. Finger food is perfect for this office baby shower and you could serve small things like sandwiches, cookies, or donut holes.

The parent-to-be's favorite colors would be a very easy theme. If you want, ask what color they are decorating the baby's room in or if there is a color theme for the new clothes. Have all the guests bring a small gift in that color and have the wrapping to match it. Create a vignette at the food table using the gifts and you've got double-duty centerpiece. The food doesn't have to match the colors, of course, but keeping all the paper goods in the same color scheme finishes it off very nicely.

When the father-to-be is getting the office baby shower and the expected baby is a boy, a sports baby shower theme would be perfect. A decoration that you don't have to clean up would be a sports-themed cake. Lots of sports fan food – dogs, burgers, fries, nuts, and chips washed down with soda make the office baby shower themes complete.

When we think of babies, we think of diapers, right? This is another one of those office baby shower themes that you can use when it's a second or third baby that's expected. Use an easy, all-white color scheme to set the stage for this baby shower. Ask your co-workers to bring either disposable or cloth diapers or baby changing paraphernalia to the baby shower. Some good choices could be baby wipes, diaper rash cream, baby powder, diaper clips, or diaper covers. Fix everything in a diaper or laundry bag and use that as a table decoration. A simple meal could be plain white cake with white frosting, vanilla ice cream, and white grape juice to keep to the all-white theme.