Tips for Writing Office Baby Shower Thank You Notes

It is quite proper to send out thank you notes for all the gifts you received during the office baby shower. The most common problem is, most people weasel their way out of doing it because they're just not used to this little formality. However, it would be nice to send a person their own thank you note since they did go out of their way to buy a little something for you.

The secret to writing office baby shower thank you notes is to delegate the tasks. Preparing for the new baby ensures that you are very busy, so when anyone asks you if you need help, then by all means, hand that job over!

For example, you could ask someone to buy suitable cards (blank or not, as you wish) to write the thanks in. Or, someone could order it for you over the internet, or even design a set just for you and print it out. If you are taking this last route, make sure that the cards are a standard size for postal delivery. Have someone get stamps, too, so you can send the thank you notes out a little at a time.

Next, come up with a mailing list. You should be able to send the cards to everyone that attended your office baby showers and the more private ones by getting the list of attendees from your hosts. If the lists are not complete, you could do a cursory Google search of the person. In this day and age, they usually show up on the internet.

Now comes the harder part – actually writing the greetings. It's rather simple to write a baby shower thank you note: gush over what was sent to you and then promise to get it used as soon as possible. Following a format makes it all the easier and you can base it on the thank you note sent here:

Dear Aunt Annie,

The little onesies that you sent are absolutely adorable! I can't want to see the baby in them and I think I can safely say she's going to be wearing them very often.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful set of clothes. I do hope we can see each other again before the baby comes and I'm knee-deep in diapers!

Much love,

Just follow the basic points here: mention the gift, tell the giver a little bit about how you're going to use it, and thank them for it. It's optional to add a little personal note at the end. That's it!

If you can recruit your husband to write some of the notes, go ahead and hats off to you! If he asks why, just say your fingers are swollen and it's hard for you to write.