Easy Office Baby Shower Invitations

Office baby shower invitations are usually not thought of as something very important. Usually, co-workers are invited to a baby shower by word of mouth only, so baby shower invitations are not usually needed. But, if it's a special type of office baby shower, like the boss' baby shower or a baby shower for twins or a long-awaited baby, then invitations should be given out to highlight the importance of the event.

There are a few basics to keep in mind when composing invitations for the office baby shower. Take time out to choose the baby shower invitations. They should reflect the theme of the party so everyone knows what to expect. These will set the mood and atmosphere of the baby shower, so it's nice to get it just right. If you can't find a commercial one that you like, consider creating one on the computer and printing it out. Rope in a colleague to do it for you if you feel you aren't up to the job.

The baby shower invitation should include the exact time, date, and location the party will be taking place. You could also put information like what type of gift they could bring or where the baby's registry is. Having access to information like this makes life much easier for the attendees, since they don't need to spend so much time searching for a special gift or buying duplicates. The gifts would also be able to coordinate with the color scheme of the nursery or layette, if the mommy-to-be has planned that out.

If the parents-to-be are environmentally correct, you may want to send out invitations that reflect that way of life. There are quite a few card companies on the web that use alternative fibers like grass fibers, cotton, or even recycle fibers from banana trunk pulp or sugarcane bagasse to make their cards. There are also companies that make paper goods from 100% recycled paper. One of these companies offer “seed cards” where the baby shower invitations can be laid on the ground in the garden or in a flower pot,and either flowering plants or trees will grow in a few weeks. Now what better way to celebrate the gift of life by giving life?

Of course, a very simple way to send an invitation to all all the co-workers is through email. A simple note would do, but there are also very attractive and free baby themed e-greetings available on the web. It should include all the information that written baby shower invitations normally do.